Thursday, October 30, 2014

A Liv Frozen Halloween

Hello lovely folks out there who are kind and sweet enough to check out the blog today :)  
This post was originally going to be a review of my two Liv dolls that I've had in my collection for a little while, but I decided to spice things up and do a little photo story.  I've seen these little photo stories everywhere and really enjoyed them so I wanted to give it a go.  I adore Liv dolls, they are really fun to photograph and dress up.  And OF COURSE, I love my Frozen gals (espcially Anna-she's charmingly awkward and clutsy, just like me!) 
I hope you enjoy ;} 

Liv Doll "It's My Nature"  Hayden

Liv Doll "It's My Nature" Katie

Hi, guys!  Welcome to the blog:)  We decided to step in today because Farrah has been a little slack with the doll posts lately.  Here's a little story about how we like to get down with Halloween. 

We're big on wigs, Hayden and me.  Off they go!

This picture is scoring pretty high on the creep-o-meter...nothing like random hair sitting on a table. No head, no reason, no worries.

After we're done petting these random bunnies we found, I guess we could try on each other's hair because that would be really, really fun.  So much fun!

Oh wow, Hayden..I LOVE being a blonde..why didn't I do this sooner? Let's go see if blondes really do have more fun....

Get a grip, Katie.  Hmmm, it just doesn't seem like ENOUGH for Halloween...what else could we do to spice things up? 

(.....crickets, crickets....)

I've got it, Hayden!  Let's stop being lame and get real costumes!  Let me make a phone call to see if the other girls can come over...

 Do you guys know what we're going to do? 

Yeah, we switched our hair back, but that's not it....

All the sudden there were clothes everywhere.

Uh, hey guys...I hope you don't mind, I helped myself!  I want to dress up like a normal non-princess, outdoorsy girl for Halloween. :) 

Yeah, me too, Anna!  Wow, these clothes are so comfortable!  It's so nice to get out of that blue dress!

I totally get to be Elsa...sorry, Katie!  (snicker, snicker)

Surprise!  You didn't see that coming, did you....;)

Over here at Cozy Comforts and Dolls, we hope you have a great Halloween!  

I actually wanted to be you, really are the cooler princess :)

Save me some candy :) xoxo


  1. Awww - cute! Hope they have a great Halloween. Will you be taking your girls Trick or Treating? My youngest is going (she is 14) with her friends, and my oldest has to work tonight, but is going to a cosplay convention this weekend. I have been making her and her girlfriend's elaborate costumes which is why I haven't had a chance to post recently. Happy Halloween! I told them they have to let me take a picture of them all dressed up so I can post it on the blog.

    1. Thanks Phyllis :) Yes, we'll be taking them Trick or Treating tonight or rather "Trunk or Treating" which is something that started a few years ago a few towns over (where we used to live.) If you haven't heard of it, it's where everyone lines their cars up along the main drag in town, decorate their trunks and kids go from car to car to "trick or treat." They have live music, candy everywhere and hay wagons are beautifully decorated with lights, jack-o-lanterns and spooky ghoulish things. It's actually a lot of fun and brings the community together. I hope your youngest has fun getting her candy tonight and I look forward to the photos on your blog :) Thank you again for your comment. xo

  2. Hi, my comment was eaten up I think, so I'll try again :-). Great costumes, Liv girls! Have fun on Halloween night, Farrah! xx

    1. That is so weird! Thanks for the comment, Night Owl...we are getting ready to go freeze our buns off now...have a great night! :)

  3. Awesome Party Costumes - This is what happens when Princesses get Together! Love LiV Hair - and your Photostory was a HooT! Oh MaN I wish they had Trunk or Treating Here! EnJoY! ~ LuV, TiGGy

  4. Thanks TiGGy, you are too cute and kind :) You should start up a Trunk or Treat where you live! ;) xo

  5. I love liv dolls and I was kind of upset when I heard that they were discontinued :(. I have Sophie and Daniela. Btw Anna look adorable in that new outfit!

    1. Thanks for the comment, Anonymous! Yes, I found out about the Liv dolls very daughter actually found one in our local thrift shop (Katie) and I thought she was such a cool doll! I am definitely looking to add more of them to my collection. I agree..Anna is adorable :)

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