Thursday, October 16, 2014

Rainy Day and Hearts for Hearts Girls

Today we had a gorgeous, humid rainy day.  The temps crept up into the low 70s, which is kind of  unusual for us this time of year.  (I was so happy!)

View from my work at home office 

Some days I really and truly enjoy a good rainstorm, especially when I am nestled and cozy in my office at home with a hot cup of tea.

Great-grandma's fancy tea cup :) 

We've had an extremely dry Autumn here in NY and I can count the rainy days on 1 hand since we moved here 2 months ago.

It's nice to see the creeks filling back up and all of the trees and grasses getting a much deserved drink.

I hope you stayed warm and cozy today where ever in the world you may be.

Oh, and by the way...if you enjoyed my Hearts for Hearts doll post I did early on, I just wanted to mention that Dell, Rahel and Lilian are all listed as re-stocked on Amazon at close to their original prices!
(At this very moment they are each listed as $27.99.)

Prior to this, they were all a bit difficult to get a hold up so snatch one up if you like them.  Rahel was probably the hardest to get a hold of and often found at a very inflated price on Ebay.

I just ordered Rahel and Lilian as a special treat for myself :}  I can't wait to throw them into the creeks and fields for some photo shoots!

P.S.  I am in NO WAY affiliated with any doll companies or Amazon or anything like that...just wanted to pass the info and links along in case you were interested!

Take good care and see you soon! xo


  1. You "paint" a beautiful picture. I could almost hear the raindrops and could picture curling up in a cozy chair with a cup of tea. I love your Great Grandmother's fancy tea cup. I have a special fancy tea cup from my aunt who was from France. She gave me a beautiful French tea cup, which I have never used, I only display it in my China cabinet.

    1. Thanks so much Phyllis! I had this tea cup stashed away for a long time until I finally decided to use it..there is just something nice about drinking from a fine cup :) Have a nice weekend!

  2. Hi Farrah, a very cozy post :-)! The plants and trees must have smelled so good after the rain! Your tea cup is beautiful, great that you still can use this lovely cup :-). Enjoy the weekend! xx

    1. Thanks Night Owl! You are right, everything smelled so fresh and "watered"when we went outside later on..thanks for the enjoy your weekend as well :) xo

  3. Beautiful tea cup!

    And I love the way the green of the H4H doll's hat works with the greenery surrounding her.

    1. Good to hear from you again, jSarie! Thanks for the comment about the H4H doll...the lighting was so nice when I took that photo..I have yet to recreate it! Hope you have a lovely weekend :)