Friday, October 7, 2016

My 18 inch Doll Collection

Hello, and welcome back to the blog!  
It's been a while since my last post, and to be honest, it was hard to get going again, because I didn't know where to start, but I'm back and wanted to share one of my collections with you all.  

As I try to organize my dolls, I figured I'd show you guys what I've accumulated since I started collecting in 2014. 

The photos below are a bit outdated as I have gotten rid of one of those dolls and added 2 additional AG ones, but I still wanted to use these for a blog post, so the photos weren't wasted, (lol) so here they are!

The twins. 
These are two American Girl Elizabeth dolls that I purchase used on eBay in early 2015.  I originally got them for a custom project I wanted to do, but never quite got around to yet. They sort of remind me of Holly and Poppy O'hair from Ever After High.

I got the one on the left first and she was in good condition, except for her wig, wonky sleepy eye that doesn't totally close and red smudge on her nose (which I think is cute.)  The one on the right was second and I couldn't resist her little bob haircut.  Little Button likes to play with these two, so that's partly why I haven't taken their wigs off to customize! (That and just being lazy). ;)

These are the blue-eyed gals.  
I wasn't originally going to get Caroline, but once I found out she was being retired, I figured I better so I didn't regret it later.  I ended up buying her brand new from the AG website while they had a sale for free shipping.  I actually got her at the same time as I got Samantha.  (Hello tax return!) She's a gorgeous doll, but I haven't fully "bonded" with her if that makes sense.  Her hair seems high maintenance.  I can't decide if I want to keep her, but I did a nice photo shoot with her which I will share soon!

The blondes. 
I got Julie in late spring 2015 from an eBay seller.  This was right after the BeForever upgrade and I really wanted a "Classic" outfit Julie.  I got her brand new in box for $99 with free shipping, so I thought that was a good deal! 

Brown eye'd gals.  
Samantha has my favorite hair out of them all. 

Here's my two classic face mold ladies.  
I think I prefer brown eyes with the classic mold. 

Dolls that I purchased "new". 

Historical AG's 

The Josefina molds.  
These three beauties have my favorite of the two molds so far (and I have since added Grace as of Dec last year).

The "others". 
The first is a 2014 Harmony Club doll named Lyric, then there is Journey Girls Meredith and Our Generation Kendra.   I have since sold Lyric as I just didn't bond with her.

Karito Kids!
Araceli (Pita) was the first large doll I bought.  I got both of these gals in used condition on Ebay and they are still some of my favorites. :) I need to repaint Pita's lips at some point and I'm thinking of trying a "downy dunk" with Ingrid's (Zoey) hair to see if I can make it softer again.

Group shot of "the others." :)

Group shot of the whole gang.  
So, since this photo was taken, the only doll I have sold is Lyric.  I have since gotten two more American Girls (Grace and #53) with Lea on the way that I purchased this week!  
I also have a My Life doll in her box still that I would like to do a review on, but I believe she is from 2014 so it would be a "retro-review" at this point. ;) 

Some day I would love to build a larger scale doll house with a kitchen, living area and bedrooms to display everything.  I really like Hannah's AG rooms from Never Grow Up and Flo's from Say Hello to My Little Friend's blog.   I love how they both decorates them and I think it's such a creative way to display your collection.  Lovely! 

As for larger scale accessories, currently, the only things we have are the Our Generation diner (which is amazing!) as well as 2 doll beds.  I would LOVE to build up a larger collection of these things, but it's all about squeezing it into the budget. I really love the musical instruments that AG comes out with, such as the guitar, violin and now Melody's keyboard (squee!!).  My favorite room decor is from Mary Ellen's line.  I love her whole living room set.  I also love most of the BeForever accessories (especially the beds.)

What about you guys?  I know quite a few of you collect larger scale dolls, but do you have a favorite in your own collection? 

Thanks for sticking around during my little hiatus.  I am still backing up photos to my hard drive, but now that my sister's wedding is over, I feel like I have more time to blog again.  Horray!  
I'll post a few photos from her wedding soon.  It was sooo beautiful! :) 

Thanks for reading!
xo Farrah 


  1. I have Marie-Grace and Josefina AG dolls. I love big dolls. I have quite a few of the Disney Animators. They just take up so much room that I had to kind of stay away from them even though I get super excited when I see the accessories and furnitures. It would be awesome to have a huge dollhouse to scale for them!

    1. Hi TM,
      Marie-Grace has such a pretty face and I love Josefina! Both are on my wishlists. The Disney Animator dolls are soo tempting, especially Belle and Tiana, but I agree about the space issue. I am happy to stick with the mini's for that line. :) I hope you get your large dollhouse too at some point!

  2. Hi Farrah Lily! I just to let you know that there are updates regarding the Hearts For Hearts Girls Relaunch!

    Update 1:
    Update 2:

    As mentioned in Update 1, the full line will be released in 2017. Which means to say, all the other dolls will be released next year.

    According to Update 2, the new company taking over the dolls is MPA Toys.

    I just contacted MPA Toys' representative, who is "Amy"(not her real name). So "Amy" replied and said that the website opening will be moved to November.

    So, here is Amy's message about the HFHG Website:

    "Hello Joanne,
    It is running a bit behind. And it has been moved to November. We want it to be spectacular before launching. Please bear with us! It's all coming!"

    By the way, regarding Lauryce, I haven't found Lauryce yet! I will get her next year when she is released.

    1. Wow, Joanne, thanks so much for the updates!! I'm so happy you will be able to get a new Lauryce when they do the re-release. :) I can't wait for these dolls and thank you for always sharing your updates and news.

    2. Well, there is another update: The Hearts For Hearts Dolls are now available for pre-ordering on! The dolls will be shipped on November 20. Since I know that you don't have Nahji yet, Nahji is available there!

      Here is the link:

    3. Thanks, Joanne..I saw that yesterday on Facebook and I already pre-ordered Nahji. Yay! Thanks again.:)

  3. Hi Farrah, thank you for sharing your bigger girls with us, they are lovely. My favourite face sculpt of the AG dolls is the Josefina one too, I love your girls faces, but as I've said before...those fabric bodies just don't do it for me.
    Of my collection of bigger girls, I think my Gotz Happy Kidz girls are my favourites. I really love the girl I've wigged as well as her sisters with the same face sculpt and then their friend Charlotte. I like Meredith too and have her here, she is my favourite of the Journey Girls.
    PS It's lovely to see you back by the way and I look forward to seeing some wedding photos :)

    1. Yes, I know what you mean about that cloth body..I think I have heard you call them "Franken-dolls" and it's pretty true, haha. I actually try to look for outfits or patterns that have higher necklines so that seem isn't so obvious. I guess the cloth body is good for kiddo cuddles though, and maybe that is why they went with it. ;)
      I love your Gotz dolls...they look so beautiful in their photos and are quite expressive.
      Thank you for the warm welcome back wishes and glad you are looking foward to the photos!

  4. I absolutely love your 18 inch doll collection. So much variety and personalities!

  5. Such a nice collection! I like the bob haircut on Elizabeth as well, I think it looks good on her. You might be interested to know a little bit of info I learned last week while visiting the AG store in Boston. I had a very nice conversation with the girl who checked me out and she said that the very reason they discontinued Caroline and Marie-Grace was related to their hair. Apparently they'd had too many complaints about them being difficult to care for. That said, I know that my Lanie is a bit of a challenge and hers is very similar to Caroline, just shorter, so I can imagine Caroline's will be slightly more difficult.

    Thanks for the shoutout! Now you need a Jess mold to joint the crew. (You know how I feel about that mold! ;) )

    1. Oh yes, the Jess mold! That might actually BE my favorite! #64 is on my wishlist too. So cute! Which # is Cassandra?
      That is so interesting to know about MG and Caroline. I'm surprised MG's got that many complaints, but maybe it was due to her curls on the side. Caroline is more for an older collector, I feel, because I can see how played her hair could turn into a rat's nest! She's pretty though. :)

    2. Cassandra is a #40, Alya is a #30 and Fiona is a #64. I so love that mold!

      Marie-Grace's hair is incredibly thick. Plus with part of it in braids, it is a kinky mess when you take it down unless you straighten it like I did. She has a gorgeous wig, but I can see where it could be disastrous if not cared for.

  6. What a beautiful AG family. I tried to see which I liked the best.I kept changing my mind. LOL!

  7. The only two 18" dolls I own are Samantha and Caroline. I also have Samantha's brass bed NIB, and Samantha's doll carriage. Those are the "big ticket" items that I own, although I have some other clothes and smaller pieces. Both of the dolls are on a bookshelf, pushed back as far as possible to try to keep as much dust off as possible. My Samantha is a Pleasant Company one, with wavy ends to her hair, so both dolls have their hair carefully arranged.

    The only other 18" dolls I find attractive enough to want one, are the Journey Girls. Your Meredith is stunning!

    1. Thanks, Barb! Yeah, that Meredith was from the original face mold they used (London line, I believe) and she's really cute. :) Your PC Samantha must be so pretty..if I'm correct, they used different, softer eyelashes on those dolls? That bed is such a good collector piece!

  8. Hi Farrah, your dolls are gorgeous! I have a few AG dolls as well. I don't know why, but I just love them! I cannot really say which one is my favorite as they are on the shelves behind me and they might see what I write. (I will admit that I am rather partial to Nikki, Rebecca and Marisol.)
    I love the clothes for all the dolls as well. They have always been well made. I actually purchased the cream cable-knit sweater and crutches set almost twenty years ago, before I even had an AG doll!