Saturday, October 8, 2016

Hearts for Hearts Girls on Amazon for Pre-Order

UPDATE as of 10/14: They are restocked on Amazon!  See the link below. :)

UPDATE as of 10/12:  It appears as if they have sold out on Amazon already, but I found them here on Pixie Faire and if you order one, it comes with 4 bonus patterns to make them clothes!

Hi everyone!
I came across this on Facebook tonight so wanted to share with you all.  It appears as though the re-released Hearts for Hearts Girls are up for pre-order on Amazon as of today.

Here is the link on Amazon: Hearts For Hearts Girls 

There are four of the original girls available:  Dell (from the USA), Consuelo (from Mexico), Nahji (from India) and Rahel (from Ethopia).




They are available for $39.99, which is up from their original price of $24.99 (I think that's what it was..I can't remember...)
NIB on eBay, these dolls are listed at close to and even over $100, which is crazy!

They will be released on November 20, 2016.
If you guys were fans before, you may remember that these dolls can have a tendency to sell out rather quickly, so just wanted to share!  Hopefully, with the new company that bought them, they have increased their productivity so that there are enough for everyone that wants one.

I just pre-ordered Nahji as she was one of the ones I never was able to get (and her eBay prices were atrocious!)

Thanks for all the sweet comments regarding my last post.  More doll stuff coming soon!
xo Farrah

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  1. Oh I always wanted one (or more!!!) of these but guess they are in the US.....darn Spanish customs! They are so cute though. I particularly like the little girl from Ethiopia, Rahel, though those other two look very cute too!
    Thanks for sharing!
    Hugs Sharon xx

    1. Oh darn, I wonder if they will ever be released internationally! So frustrating I'm sure. I guess we are a little bit spoiled here with the ease at which we can get most things. Boo!

    2. I know, oh darn indeed :( I don't suppose they'll be released internationally because the first lot weren't but I live in hope. I will maybe find someone who's going to be travelling in the US or coming to Europe from the US. My son is going on his honeymooon to the US but not until next May and I'm not sure how I could get them sent to one of the three hotels that my son will be staying in LOL!!!

    3. I just found them available on, Sharon! Would that work any better or is it more a matter of customs in general?

  2. Meant to ask you, do regular shops in the US also sell these dolls or are the just mail order from certain places, do you know?

    1. Yes, these dolls were also sold "in-store" in Target. That's the only store I am aware of that carried them, but I could be wrong. I started collecting at the tail end of this line before they were originally discontinued last year, so I'm not really sure. I hope the are more readily available this time around!
      Hugs back :)

    2. Thanks for that information Farrah :)

  3. Oh, excellent! I missed out on Nahji originally too, so I'll definitely be picking her up this time around. :)

  4. Hello Farrah Lily! This dolls look pretty, but they're not my cup of tea. I haven't been in your blog in a while so I have to catch up.