Thursday, October 20, 2016

Our Vacation in the Adirondacks (July love)

Hi guys, I'm so behind in my posts, that I hope you're forgive me! I still love doing my monthly round ups as it's a way for me to document my own family's little adventures and memories.  Today's post is just a quickie of our week-long vacation to our usual spot in the Adirondack Mountains called Long Lake, NY.

Saying goodbye to Daddy for the week (he was unable to take off this particular week as his job is very busy in the summer.)

We brought Henrich along who is my new favorite.  He's an 80's Hot Rockin' Fun Ken and he just makes me laugh. Love his get-up!

That glove....

He was able to relax for a few minutes until the girls found him. :) 

So we had a great week.  The girls are 4 and 7 now and things are so much easier than they used to be when they were babies.  My cousins also go and their kids pretty much take care of mine so it's a win situation for me! :)

My sister and her finacee decided to do a few nights of camping at a nearby state park called Lake Eaton instead of staying at the Motel Long Lake with the rest of us.  This particular day that we went to visit them was totally gorgeous!

The water is really shallow and warm so we had a blast!  

At night the whole beach glows red because of the large sign that spells out "MOTEL" that you can see from across the lake.  It's so retro, I love it.

This was the cabin that the girls and I stayed in.  This was the first year that my mom didn't stay in the same cabin with us.  (She was in the one right next door with my aunt.) I'm sure she appreciated having her own space! :)

This is looking across one part of the lake towards the Adirondack Hotel.  Farther to the right is the Town Beach and then a bridge/waterway that takes you to the left part of the lake.  The lake stretches even farther to the right quite a few miles down.  I think it's about 14 miles long in total! "Long Lake", lol.

Each night we sat on the screened in porch after the girls went to bed and chatted and caught up with cousins, aunts, uncles and family that we only see a few times a year.

Most days were just spent relaxing on the beach doing nothing.  :) 

Earlier in the week, we had our annual "ladies night" at the Owl's Head Pub, and this year we gave my sister a fun little bachelorette party!  So many good laughs!

My sister to the left with her toliet paper veil and me on the right.  We got a kick out of the sign behind us, haha.

I played darts for the first time since college, ha! 

 And got a bullseye! 

The weather stayed beautiful and perfect thoughout the week. The girls had a blast swimming, exploring, climbing and being with all the other cousins.

Looks like Daddy showed up on the beach on the last day! (Clothing optional?) 

As sad as it is to leave and say good bye to everyone, I am so thankful that I have this to come back home to.  :)
I hope you enjoyed the photos and see you in the next post!
Here are a few of our past vacations to LL from earlier years:
Long Lake 2015: 
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XO Farrah


  1. Hello Farrah Lily! I'm glad you had such a great family time. The place looks beautiful and you look pretty too.


    1. Hi monstercrafts,
      Thank you so much! You are so sweet. :)
      Cheers back!

  2. Ohhhhh just what a person needs at this time. I felt like I was there and having a ball too! I will be glad when the nation calms down and we can focus on living life just like this! BTW you have a lovely family and traditions!

    1. Hi grandmommy,
      I'm so glad you liked the photos!! I can't wait for the election to be over as well so I can go back to enjoying Facebook, haha. Thank you for your kind comment about my family! :)

  3. Ahhh I love going away and just relaxing! It's good to get away from life every once in a while! That's great you got to see your sister! At my sisters bachelorette party we made he do funny things, she had makeup all over her face (we did it blindfolded) and she had to do crazy things on the main street of our town, we have some good laughs too >.< Glad you had a lovely time with your fam :D Oh a naked ken! Hahaha!
    Lydia's Dolls @

    1. Haha, I love naked Ken, too! He's such a ham. Your sister's bachelorette party sounds like a hoot as well. We didn't make her do too many crazy things, but we did plan "pin the junk on the hunk" which was pretty funny, lol. Thanks for the sweet comment!!

  4. Looks like you had wonderful family time. I loved the "nuts" sign in the bar! Looks like the bachlorette party was fun too. When is the wedding? She is your twin sister, correct? We also do an annual summer outing each year. We take turns hosting it. This year it was at my niece's house. They have a bit of property and some brought campers and tents. My kids are self sufficient now, so I spend time with my family too. We were up late each night telling stories of our childhood on the farm! The kids all love hearing about our childhoods. Hannah says she wishes there was a way for us to project our memories onto a screen so they could see us as kids!

    1. Haha, we were cracking up over that "nuts" sign, lol. It was a really great time..sometimes simple fun is better than those elaborate bachlorette parties people plan now-a-days! And yes, she's my twin! :) That's great that your family also has a summer outing. It's so nice to see everyone, isn't it? I totally agree with Hannah..I would love to see my mom and aunts in their younger years. That would blow my mind! It's amazing how different we are today with documenting every little thing. Back then there were just random photos taken here or there. So different!

  5. Hi Farrah,
    Looks like a great week's vacation, the girls certainly look like they are having a ball, I could do with some of that myself. Great photos and it's really nice putting a face to your two are very alike, apart from your sister's specs, you almost look like twins. BTW if you haven't thrown a dart since college, I'm wondering if that bullseye was more arse than class? Well it's usually the way I get them. LOL! Good to see people enjoying life. :)

    1. Thanks, X! My sister and I actually really ARE twins, so it's funny that you picked up on that. :) I don't think I was even aiming at the bullseye, to be honest! :) I'm so glad you liked the photos!

  6. What great summer memories! I love your doll pictures, too. I hope your Daddy doll didn't get sunburned anyplace too sensitive!

    1. Haha, thanks! Luckily Daddy doll applied his sunscreen very carefully! Lol :)

  7. Bee-utiful photos! That motel looked homey and the perfect setting for monster crocs or prehistoric fishies... I watch too many cheesy movies, lol.

    1. Haha, yes, you're right though! It has that retro feel to it where Twilight Zone-ish things could happen. :)

  8. Clothing optional dad made me laugh out loud! He needs to go hang out with the naturists. ;)

    Beautiful photos, that looks like such an awesome vacation spot.

    1. Haha, we are pretty low on Ken clothes around here so some of them have been designated to the nudist's colony. :)
      Thanks for the comment! It's such a relaxing place to be. I wish I was there again right now!

  9. Looks like you had a great time, it certainly looks to be a really relaxing time! The water looked great...and I love the glow from the neon sign :)
    It's good to see you blogging again :)
    Hugs Sharon x