Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Long Lake, NY- part 1

Hi guys!
Sorry for the lack of posts this past week.  We had company for Labor Day and since we have only been here at the Farm for 2 weeks, I had a lot of cleaning/organizing to do before they all arrived!  That kind of trumped the blog. 

Buttermilk Falls, NY  (Raquette River)

I just wanted to share some photos from our big family vacation that we took last month to Long Lake, NY.
It's a small, quaint and cozy little town nestled in the gorgeous Adirondack Mountains of Upstate NY and my family has been coming here since I was a little girl. The lake gets it's name from it's long, thin appearance and it measures about 14m (23km) in length. ( case you were wondering) :-}

 Little Button testing out the water...

Long Lake, NY 

I say "vacation", but in reality it is a giant family reunion.  My Mom has 9 other siblings and they all have a ton of kids and now they all have kids, so yes...I think that paints the picture for you.  I have to admit, I love the chaos and this style of "commune living" and really enjoy being around lots of family.  My husband might have to disagree with me on that though ;).    Even though everyone doesn't always go, it's always a big bunch of us.   We have lots of fantastic memories here as my Grandfather grew up in this town and has been taking my Mom and her siblings there every summer since the beginning (of time.)

 Here is where we stayed.  See that little beach that looks like it's in the middle of nowhere?  There are tons of beautiful log-cabin inspired cottages all scattered about in the woods.  It's awesome.

Don't bother me, Mom, I'm trying to relax..

 LB loved the hammock as you can see, and she also liked to stroll about, looking for bugs and flowers. 

 Most nights we would walk down to get ice-cream..good old sugar rush before bed! ;)

It's not every day you see a beaver from the side of the road carrying about it's business while you walk down to get ice-cream :)

Watched these two visit the beach every day :)

She's our sister...Ari...ARIEL????!!
Pretended to be mermaids...

We hiked to one of our favorite places...Buttermilk Falls.  You know how I am about running water! ;)

 The calm before the falls....

I actually didn't get a photo of Buttermilk Falls this year as we took the girls and it was a little dangerous for me to climb down onto the rocks as they wanted to follow, so here's a photo that I took 2 years ago that shows the front of the falls.  

 Buttermilk Falls, NY (this shot was taken last year)

 We ended up having amazing weather.  You never know what you are going to get up there in the mountains, but we only had one day of rain and it actually creeped into the mid 70s and low 80s, which is usually not the case!  It is always much cooler, but it was such a devine treat this year to actually be HOT and not freezing.  I will always remember this summer because of that :}   

I have one more post to follow, showing a few more photos of an early morning walk along the lake and our day trip to Lake Eaton.  I hope you've enjoyed these...I love sharing photos of different places, as well as looking at other folks photos of places near them, but I know it isn't the same if you haven't been here.  If you ever do get the chance to visit Long Lake, NY, you really should!

 Hope you all have a lovely week.  Tomorrow is Pumpkin Pie's Kindergarten orientation day.  I hope it goes well as each time I bring up school, she starts crying.  :(  My poor little shy girl...I know she will love it, but she has to be convinced!   


  1. Hi Farrah, what a wonderful place! Thank you for sharing these pictures, I don't think I will ever get there, but seeing your photos was great! I hope your little girl has a great time in school once she discovers all the fun she will be having :-)!

    1. Thanks so much for the comment, Night Owl! :)

  2. What a gorgeous vacation spot!

    I especially love that shot of the duck - fantastic!

    1. Thanks jSarie! Yes, we really love it up there, the stars are so bright and the kids sleep like rocks after breathing in that mountain air all day, lol. Those ducks came to visit every morning :)