Monday, September 15, 2014

Crochet Hat for Karito Kids :)

I've mentioned a few times before that I really have fallen in love with crochet this past year.  I'm currently working on 2 throws for the girls-both snowflake/winter motifs and they are taking FOREVER.  I had no idea how long it takes to crochet a blanket!  And I guess it's not even a real blanket, it's a throw so Lord, a real blanket would probably take me years.

I think a normal person would've been done by now, but I guess I only have a few tiny slots of time each day where I can actually sit down and do something without distraction.  Usually these moments are taken up by playing with the girls outside, picking up the never-ending mess, or scanning Pinterest, Facebook, Netflix, Instagram and reading other blogs. 

 So it's kind of my own fault.  :}

Anyway, to break up the monotony, I decided to try making a little hat for Ingrid (my Zoey Karito Kid.) I had gotten her used on Ebay, but she didn't come w/ her original red beanie, and since it looked so cute on her, I decided to try making my own. 

It waseasy and so quick to make and was so satisfying to actually finish a project!  
This is the first thing I have crocheted to completion (besides the single crochet baby blanket I made Pumpkin Pie in 2009)  :)

I am really pleased with how it turned out!  
The pattern is actually designed for American Girl dolls, but it fits a Karito Kid doll just as nicely and I am sure it would most other 18 inch dolls with a similar sized head. 

If you are interested in making one for your doll, this is where I found the pattern.  

It looks just as cute on Araceli (my other Karito Kid-Pita), but I think I would like to make one for her in a harvest orange or ochre color to better compliment her warm skin tones. 

I think it looks nice against Ingrid's beautiful blue eyes.  
I am hoping to learn how to use my sewing machine sometime this winter as well.  I would love to eventually learn how to make little dresses and outfits for these gorgeous girls (and my own real life gorgeous girls!) :)

  I have really been enjoying this blog as well as so many of yours. There is just something so wonderful about a doll...whether it be a beloved American Girl, a timeless Barbie, a fabulous Asian ball-jointed doll, a gorgeous Tonner ballerina, or a Monster High ghoul.  

It's been so fun reading reviews, learning about so many different dolls and how so many of you support each other and I am looking forward to taking more photos and growing my collection (slowly, but surely) to share with you all. 

 Sweet dreams to all of you around the world and back and thanks again for visiting.


  1. Hi Farrah, that's a very cute hat, love the color! Every time I see the Karito Kids, I think: wow, I love these face molds! It's great to read that you enjoy everything surrounding the dolls and blogging so much :-). It's amazing how small the world seems if you blog isn't it, and to meet such great people even if you will never see them in real life & to share our passion for dolls! I'm glad that you blog, and that we all can enjoy your beautiful dolls and nature photographs, keep up the good work! Sweet dreams for you & your family too, hugs!

  2. Night Owl, you are so sweet! Thank you for your kind words. I agree...these dolls have a really unique and lovable face mold and I am surprised and disappointed that they weren't as successful. I would've loved to see more cultures and countries represented.
    Meeting people through blogging is my favorite part of this whole experience! I especially loooove meeting people from other countries and parts of the US and it is somewhat helping to satisfy my urge to travel (at least for now!) :) Thanks again and have a great day! xo