Thursday, January 7, 2016

Doll Review: Great Scarrier Reef Draculaura

Hi everyone!  I hope the start of the new year has treated you all well.  
It feels like ages since I last posted a doll review, but I have one ready to share with you today.  
Today's review is on one of the new dolls from a Monster High release called The Great Scarrier Reef Glowsome Ghoulfish.  These dolls are the second wave of gals following in the footsteps of previous characters from this line (Great Scarier Reef Ghouls Down UnderPosea Reef, Peri and Pearl Serpintine, and Kala Mer'ri Doll as well as the first wave of Glowsome Ghoulfish, Frankie , Lagoona Blue and Toralei Doll.  

To be honest, I was shocked when I saw this Draculaura in Walmart this weekend as I didn't even realize she was available yet.  They also had Clawdeen (the wolf fish) as well so I grabbed them both!
Normally I wait until the line has been out for a little while and go on sale, but I couldn't resist.  I had a gift card.  You know how that goes. :)

For your viewing pleasure, I also created a YT video review ;) 

Draculaura and Clawdeen are simpler dolls and do not come with a brush or stand. 
The packaging on these ghouls is different from any other I've seen.  They are very colorful with large artwork on both the front and the back. 

The Great Scarrier Reef movie should be coming out some time this year and I'm really looking forward to it.  I wasn't totally impressed with Boo York, but I really enjoyed 13 Wishes as well as Haunted and this one centers underwater (with mermaid ghouls) and that is completely up my alley. :) 

As for the movie, apparently the ghouls somehow end of getting caught in a whirl pool and are transported to Lagoona's home in the Great Scarrier Reef.  They also undergo oceanic transformations and our friend Draculaura here is turned into this adorable little vampire squid. 

Real vampire squids look nothing like this. 

What I love right away is that she can stand up on her own, and she's streamlined and not too bulky or "loud" as I find some of the other characters in this line to be. 

She comes in one simple article of clothing which is this triangle cut sleeveless tube top, which is held up by two clear straps and a strip of Velcro along the back.  Her color scheme stays within pink, yellow and black.  Hello neon!
Actually this is really clever as it goes along with the bioluminescence idea.

She comes with removable glow-in-the dark bat wings, which can also pivot to extend or fold down along her back. They are attached to two ball prongs that stick out of her back.

Nice details! 

As for accessories, you know she wouldn't be Draculaura without some so she comes with a neon yellow tentacle-ish necklace and matching bracelet. 

Her upper body has the same articulation as a regular Monster High doll (neck, shoulders, elbows and wrists) and her lower body can pivot here at the waist and top of the tentacles. 

The top of the tentacles can rotate in a circular motion as well as back and forth. 

The daughter of Ursula? 
Each individual tentacle can pivot on it's own and each tentacle has a different shape. 

Oh bats, where did I put my lipstick? 

This is about how far she can bend. 

Her hair is very soft and wavy.  I didn't feel any gel product anywhere else but her bangs.
It feels very nice to comb through and is primarily a very hot, neon pink.  It's pulled up into a half ponytail with streaks of black and yellow.

Her face is very beautifully painted (might be loud for some though!) and she still has her usual violet eyes with pink highlights.  She has neon yellow shadow across the lids and bright, shimmery hot pink paint meant to resemble squid tentacles (with little yellow suction cups) along the top and bottom.

Her lips are beautifully painted in a rosy pink shade.  Her fangs are a little uneven, but easily fixed if desired.
They even managed to squeeze in the little signature heart on her left cheek.

I love her. 

Glowsome Ghoulfish with Signature Draculaura

Overall I am so happy with this doll!  I love Draculaura and all of the main 6 characters and I am really excited to see such a unique version of her.  I have tried to become more selective in my MH collecting and really pick ones that I truly love or ones that have very unique characteristics.
This one fits the bill perfectly and I'm excited to also share Clawdeen with you all when I can get that post ready.

What do you guys think of her?  Too loud and neon?  Love her?  Do you guys have any of the Scarrier Reef line or plan to get any?

Thank you, as always for stopping by and see you soon.  Happy doll collection to you all! :)
Farrah xoxo

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  1. AS long as the colors are glow in the, dark I am okay with them being loud. Cute!

    1. Same here, grandmommy!! If it wasn't an ocean theme, I would've probably passed, but I love bioluminescence:)

  2. Oh neat - I hadn't realized that she'd been released yet. Love the multi-coloured hair, and I think that tentacle base to her tail is fabulous.

    Not sure that I'll be picking her up (I'm trying to but back this year, although I've said that before), but I like the way she looks. Thanks for sharing the photos and video! :)

    1. I hear you, JS...I'm definitely trying to cut back this year as well as I went crazy last year (my first full year of collecting.) I've realized that it's more important to get ones that I truly like rather then just "get everything" to have a full collection. I will be selling some dolls this year for sure. She's a little better than I thought based on her concept art. I think just seeing her in the store when I didn't know she was out yet was enough to throw her in the cart, lol :)

  3. Hi Farrah,
    I don't collect MH dolls but I do enjoy looking at everyone else's. It seems there is a real surge in under water themed dolls at present, which I don't mind at all, I love any type of unusual dolls.
    You've written a great review, thank you.

    1. Thank you so much for your sweet comment, Xanadu! I also love peeking into the world you've created with your dolls as well. It's always nice to see other people's dolls even if we don't necessarily collect them. :)
      Hugs back xo

  4. She looks so much better than I expected! Great review! :) In general I am not a fan of "Monster High mermaids" but I like how detailed and well-made this doll is. My favorite doll from the Great Scarrier Reef line is Posea Reef and she is the only doll from this line that I decided to get :)

    1. Hi Margaret Ann,
      She really is better than I expected as well! I enjoyed your review of Posea Reef and I hope to get her as well-she's gorgeous. :)

  5. Hello Farrah Lily,
    I think they are both beautiful. I think anything that comes from any reef should be colorful and bold. They are beautifully detailed. I thought of you yesterday.I don't collect dolls myself, but my husband and I just saw all 4 Hunger Games movies for the first time over the holidays, and we just purchased Mattels' Barbie version of Katniss which came in the mail yesterday. I can see why collecting dolls can be contagious ;)
    Big hug

    1. Hi Giac,
      That is great you got the Katniss doll! She's so cool, isn't she? My first doll purchase was a Blythe doll and as soon as I got her I had a feeling like "oh we go", lol. It really can be addicting ;)
      Big hugs back xo

  6. Great review! This Christmas I got Isi dawndancer! I love her so much!

    1. Hi DjWolf-Addy, congrats on getting Isi! She looks so beautiful. :)

  7. I used to wear neon colors in the 80s myself, although never this much all at once! I don't do Monster High, although Draculaura might be my favorite character in the line.

    1. Lol, Barb, neon in the 80s was all the range and it definitely carried itself into the 90s. As a preteen I was all over that. ;) Draculaura is a very cute character. I like her little quirky traits like being afraid of blood, lol.

  8. You did a great review of her, I don't collect Monster High, but they are so cute and funny!

    1. Thanks, Billa! It doesn't seem like many of my blog readers/commentors collect these dolls, but I'm glad everyone enjoyed the review! :)

  9. I'm not into these dolls but can see the charm in some of them. This one's tentacles remind me of that witchy character in The Little Mermaid.....ooops, maybe that isn't a good comparison! But it's just the black bits, nothing else ;)
    It's lovely that you're enjoying her so much :)

    1. Yes, Ursula! Definitely! I actually made that comment in my video also. I was not into these dolls at all when they first came out. They my Pumpkin Pie asked for one for Christmas one year and that was it...hooked. Lol. :)

  10. Great review Farrah, the video was also great! This doll is very nice, and I do like her make-up. And that base! Awesome! Again such an original line, where do they keep getting these ideas from?! Hugs xxx

    1. Hi Linda,
      I agree..the squid base is awesome! They really do come up with so many clever ideas, don't they?
      :) xo