Sunday, September 13, 2015

Toys in our Local Shops :)

Hello, Hello!
I hope you all had a great weekend...ours is just wrapping up and it's always too short. 

I really enjoying seeing "in-store" reports as I'm always curious what goodies are in everyone else's local toy shops.  Here's a glance into the sea of temptation that I swam through in our local Target last weekend. 

The new Lori mini doll line (the old OG minis) had a couple of very cute playsets.  I was drooling over this "home workspace" (interesting name, lol) set!

 Here are the new Lori dolls in my local Target.  They are absolutely adorable and I'm so impressed and happy that they added diversity this time!

Inspect your dolls carefully though, I found some major wonky eyes.  #Derpy. 

Here's my favorite character from the new Project MC2 line.  They remind me so much of those awesome Liv dolls that we all know and love.

Cute little Chelsea this one Kira? 

I really like this version of Skipper (although, I'm not a fan of the jeans)...she looks so pretty with natural make up. (I just wish they would make her articulated!!)  Do you think she'd work on a Liv body?

Oh my word.  Now this is tempting. 
I am such a sucker for Halloween:)
I am loving her bold brows!

It was great to see the newer budget Ever After High Fairest Picnic dolls in person.  I love Cerise's dress! 

 You know you want to buy me! 

Even though I don't plan on collecting the Disney Descendants, I thought this one was very cute and she'd probably be the one I would pick. :)

Monster High Freak Du Chic was finally in Target! This gives you an idea of how big Gooliope really is. 

Going back to the Lori display, they had 2 of the lofts in stock.  These are SO CUTE.  I am sooo tempted. Sigh, $50 is a little much, but they are really cute and the Lori room sets are adorable as well (well, what I've seen of them online).  Maybe I'll put it on my Christmas list. :)

Here's a gorgeous version of Ever After High Cupid (Throne-Coming Day) that I hope to add to my EAH collection someday.

Little Woodzeez Farmer's Market!!!  I'm such a sucker for dioramas. :) 

I love this new wave of My Little Pony Blind Bags.  I'm a glitter addict!

My Little Pony Equestria girls have a few new characters I've never seen before.  This is another line that I don't plan on collecting, although I have always been an MLP fan.
Their weirdly shaped heads and unarticulated bodies just don't appeal to me, but I love all of the different characters!

More cuteness and addiction. 

New batch of Disney Magiclip dolls...I love the details in their dresses! 

New Disney Palace Pets.  These princesses seem to be quite the animal lovers!  

I've seen quite a few reviews about the Jakks Pacific Disney Fairies and I think Silver Mist was the only one that looked slightly appealing to me.  (But not enough to buy.)

Adorable!  I am also a sucker for "season themes." :D

And lastly, this adorable line from Mooshka.  I love the old-fashioned cloth body dolls and their packaging is so pretty.

Well, that's about it!  Can you guess if I got any treats for myself?  I did, but you'll have to wait for the September Doll Haul video to find out!  ;)

Anything look tempting to you all or is it just me??
I can't believe HOW MUCH I still really find dolls and toys so appealing.  :)

Happy shopping! 


  1. I swear, the more photos I see of those Lori dolls, the more tempted I am to go and pick up all of them.

  2. You're telling me! They are very cute and a nice size to collect. I ended up grabbing two...I just couldn't resist. I think their little faces are so pleasant and they seem to not be available on Targets website which is so weird!

  3. Your Target is vastly more fun than my Target!

    The Woodzeez always have the BEST accessories.

    I like the Stacie face-up, but she's also looking older and older... eventually, all the younger sisters will reach their teens, and Barbie will have to be canonically 30.

    1. Lol, you are so right about how they look older..AND I just realized it's Skipper, not Stacie...whoops! I'll have to go back up there and edit it.
      I love the Woodzeez accessories and although I tend to prefer the Calico Critters characters, the Woodzeez stuff is just as good AND less expensive. :)

  4. OMG Farrah! I need that Halloween dress!!! It's impossible to find any Halloween themed fabric in Italy so this year the girls will have to pass the celebration.....
    Lori's accessories are great, I would need some of them in 1/6 scale.....

    1. I know, I was so tempted to get her, but I held off and reminded myself that I don't need her. But she's really cute!!
      It would be so good to see better made 1:6 scale accessories in our local shops that aren't so plastic/cheap looking as some of the Barbie accessories.

  5. I also find dolls and toys in the shops very appealing. If I go missing in the supermarket, then my hubby always knows where to find me! I like seeing what you have in your shops, we really only have one small aisle in our bigger supermarkets, and the regular ones don't sell any toys! They don't even sell things like pens!
    I know a lot of bjd people have been looking for those Lori 'lofts' and sets, they're really cute but selling out if you want one you might need to get your Christmas list in quickly! ;)
    I look forward to seeing what you bought when it comes to the end of the month.

    1. It's amazing how different the shopping experience is around the world. These "Super Centers" that appear everywhere now just have it all, but I always find myself pretty overwhelmed..almost like too much stimulation. I said to Pumpkin Pie on Sunday (as she woke up early and went with me) "isn't it so weird how much STUFF is in this place?" She agreed, but I guess it is the norm for her generation!
      You're right, the LORI stuff may disappear before I know it. When they first released the OG mini dolls I could never find them!
      I'm so glad you enjoy the "monthly hauls". It's actually been a good way for me to remember what I got when and to keep myself in check a little to make sure I don't over do it!! Which I have been...I need to slow down as there are many other things I should be saving for. :)

  6. A lot of temptations! I love Cerise's outfit, and the project MC2 doll! It's so much fun going through a toy department, I still love it too (I like to look at many toys, also the ones I don't want to buy or collect). I hope the MC2 line will be available here too, I would love to see the dolls in person! Mmm... I'm very curious to see what you purchased!

  7. The toy department has always been a dangerous place for me! So many fun things on your trip.

    I think the Woodzees are adorable, it's probably a good thing I don't have kids in that age group, they'd have it all. The Lori by OG stuff is so cute too, but is it ever hard to find. I did finally get to see some of it last week at a Target near Pittsburgh, was so excited because I was able to get the car that I've been wanting since I saw it on another blog. I'd like to get some of the clothing sets too, I'm assuming they will fit the previous OG mini dolls. They had only one of the house left and no furniture. I don't need it though, I'm planning on moving my girls into the dollhouse I inherited from my mom!

    1. Oh fun, I can't wait to see your new dollhouse! Yes, I would think the new OG clothes would fit the old ones as well. I'm so glad you got the cute was that? I haven't seen it in person yet, but I think I am the most tempted by the camper! I haven't seen that in person yet either.
      Yup, it's pretty dangerous having kids in this age group right now! I have to really budget, though as Christmas is coming...time to start buying for others and put myself on hold for a little while!

  8. It's not only fascinating to see what's available at different places around the world, it's also interesting to see what the prices are. Our prices are higher than yours - sometimes it's understandable given the exchange rate and the additional transport costs and sometimes we seem to pay a premium. And sometimes we get dolls very quickly - Gooliope Jellington is already available here - but others take much longer - none of the Ever After High dolls you have pictured are in the shops here yet.

  9. Hi's a shame that these same dolls can be more expensive elsewhere...I know they seem a little pricier in Canada as well. That is interesting about the EAH be honest, that was the first time I saw those particular ones in the store before in our area!

  10. How nice! Everything is lovely! :)

  11. Hello from Spain: I see so many beautiful toys in the store in your city. There are many new features. Keep in touch