Friday, April 17, 2015

Feel Good Friday-Little Button and the Baby Cow

Hi guys, Happy Friday!
There are so many new calves on the farm that were born this winter.  I'm not totally sure how many (50? 60? 100?) but they are everywhere and so cute.
There is one in particular that has stolen our hearts.  The girls have named her Casper and she's adorable!  She is being bottle-fed as her own mother doesn't make enough milk.
She is a very friendly and curious little thing and Little Button has taken quite a liking to her.
I hope you enjoy this little peek onto the farm and have a great weekend! :)



  1. Awww, so cute. Little Button is adorable and can't quite seem to get enough of that little calf! I loved how she kept going back. Thanks! This put a smile on my face!

  2. Thanks Phyllis! It's so cute to watch the pure amazement and joy little kids have over things they've never experienced before. She is such an animal lover and it's cute how it's so apparent even at 2 years old!

  3. Little Button is so precious! She made my day! I hope she gets to keep Casper as her own pet. They seem made for one another!
    By the way have I ever told you my daughter's name is Farah (Joy)

    1. I'm glad you liked the video, The grandmommy! I really hope she gets to keep Casper as a pet as well. Unfortunately my uncles raises the cows for beef, but he is a softy at heart so we make be able to talk him into letting her be a long term resident especially since she is so incredibly friendly-even more so now than at the time I took this video. :)
      I have to admit, Farrah isn't actually my real name. It is one of my favorite names of all times, though and that's why I've chosen it as my "blog name" lol. I just love it! :)

  4. That is sooooo cute, your little girl and the little calf, I love it!!
    I also see just what you mean about a comment you recently made on my blog, if my LD Ellie had a smile, she would be just like your little one, how sweet is that!!!!
    Big hugs Sharon in Spain xx