Friday, April 3, 2015

13 Wishes Frankie Stein

Hey everyone!
Yesterday was the first time all year long that it truly felt like spring.  I think it got to be about 60 degrees  here and the sun felt so warm!  I was inside working all day, but got outside for about 45 minutes during my lunch break.  Heavenly!
Today it was more of the same.  Yay!

As I watch the snow melt, I have realized that even though this has been one of the coldest winters on record, I've really enjoyed it.
I think part of that reason is that I pretty much forced myself to get outside almost every day and take a walk.  That extra exercise and Vitamin D must have done wonders on my emotional well-being!

But anyway, my goal is to get up the rest of my winter photos before the last of the snow melts so here we go. :)

I got on quite a Monster and Ever After High kick this winter.  I have to say, I find them much easier to pose and photograph than the larger, less articulated 18 inch dolls.  I'm working on some of those 18 inch dolls and trying to find some inspiration, but for now, here's cutie pie Frankie Stein!

13 Wishes Frankie Stein 

This is the first and only Frankie doll that I currently own.  She popped out at me at Walmart one day a few months ago, while I was browsing around the toy section and I really liked the genie/bohemian vibe she has going on.  Since then, we've watched the Monster High movie "13 Wishes" and really enjoyed it so I'm very happy I picked her up when I did.

I think Frankie, in general has one of the cutest faces of all the MH characters.  She has such a sweet look about her and I find most of her dolls to be very attractive.  My goal is to try to have one of each character so I've kind of put off buying any more Frankies for now until I can catch up a little on the rest of them.

Her hair is very soft and besides the gel in her bangs, it feels like she doesn't really have a lot of product which is nice  It's mostly white, as you can see with bright blue and black highlights. The texture is straight and quite layered.

She has  a few strands of gold tinsel along the nape of her neck as well.  I may try to do a "hot water" rinse on her to try to straight it out a little as I am not sure how tinsel would react to a real boil wash.

Her color scheme consists of gold, electric blue, and black.  Her stitching is yellow/gold as well.
She wears a lighting bolt corset, two dangling gold hoops that resemble lug nuts (?) , a golden hexagonal bangle (more lug nuts) on each wrist and a pretty lug nut headband that circles her head in the same design as the bangles.  So creative!

Frankie's shoes are very pretty, but fairly basic. The are golden wedge heels with an electric blue strappy top.  The front has that same hexagonal lug nut shape and I love how pretty and delicate they look as they balance out the "busier" part of her outfit, which is her dress.

 I wish I could find a pair in my size for my brother's wedding coming up next month! 

 She comes with a saddle-style stand, a brush and a blue genie lantern.  It strongly resembles the actual lantern in the movie, but made blue to match Frankie's outfit. When looking at it up close there are a lot of cute details!

It opens! 

Below are some closer details of her fabulous dress.  It comes in 3 different pieces.  A half-corset, the bodice and back of the dress, and her skirt.

The underside of the skirt (the part showing if you look at the doll straight on) has beautiful shiny gold designs.  It looks really Egyptian to me-so pretty!

The dress from the back still has this design, but it appears as a shimmery silver as the light passes through it.

The little skirt comes in 3 different layers of tulle.  The first is the plain electric blue. 

The 2nd and 3rd levels are both black tulle specked with gold sparkles. 

Such a beauty! 
Now, as usual, it's time to go outside :) 

This Frankie has one of the best face ups of any of the Monster High dolls I have in terms of symmetry.

Her skin tone is the usual pale grey-green and the little stitch on her face is gold as well.   Her eyes are the typical aqua blue and lime green colors.  I love her particular eye shape.  Her eyelids, brow bone and lower lash line are a sparkly gold  with a brown shadow in the crease.  Her full lips are a  peachy pink.  Perfect for spring! ;)

Rainbows in the sky!  :) 

Chillin' with the gals. 

 Bunny tracks. :) 

Snow angels! 

Overall, I'm really happy with this Frankie doll.  She's super cute and glamorous and I think her face really captures her sweet personality from the webisodes.  13 Wishes is a really fun movie to watch and we've enjoyed playing with her a lot since then!  She and Abbey are currently the only MH doll we have from the 13 Wishes release, but I hope to eventually add Howleen, Twyla and Gigi to my collection as well.
Darn you Monster High and all of your darn cute dolls!!  ;)

Thanks so much for taking the time to read and scroll through the photos today and since I probably won't be posting again until next week, I wanted to wish you all a very Happy and Blessed Easter.
See you soon!


  1. Her color is beautiful and perfect for a winter scene!

    1. Yes, I totally agree! The blue in her dress looks great with the snow and crisp blue sky. :)

  2. What a cool doll, the details on her are amazing! I love her genie lantern, that is neat, it almost looks illuminated. I don't collect these dolls, but now that I've read your reviews, I do notice them much more when I'm in stores.

    1. I agree, Flo! I didn't start collecting them until this past summer as I didn't really notice them before. Now I am hooked and I feel like they are everywhere! I think I am more hooked from the webisodes and little movies they come out with as their personalities make them really attractive. They are a fun alternative to traditional's just too bad they can't really share their clothes! :)

  3. These dolly photos in the snow are beautiful....I love the blue vinyl against the snowy background, it's lovely.
    Hugs Sharon in Spain x

    1. Thank you Sharon! I was freezing my fingers off at the time, but it was a lot of fun to bring them outside this winter for these snowy photo shoots. :)

  4. Beautiful snow you've captured in your pictures! Spring came so suddenly and I didn't have a chance to say goodbye to my favorite, snowy season. Oh well, I just have to wait 10 months and it will be back :)
    As you wrote Frankies are really the sweetest among the other Monster High dolls.Their features are softer and so childlike, especially their cute, little noses. I wonder how many Monster High dolls will "invade" your house once you've started to collect them. People claim, that they're exactly like pirates who board a ship - they always come in large numbers :P

    1. Haha, they are slowly invading my shelf, for sure! I love them. :) We still have little clumps of snow around the farm, believe it or not! I am happy to see it go, for now!