Monday, March 2, 2015

Tonner's Nu Mood Jess and the Last Bits of Autumn Catch-Up

Happy March! 
Spring is almost here.  
It was snowing today, but that's ok. :)  
Today I wanted to post about one of my favorite dolls as well as share some of the last bit of my Autumn photos that I didn't have time to post, you know, back when it was actually Autumn. :) 
Although if you live in the Southern Hemisphere, I guess this is seasonally appropriate!

Over the summer, I discovered The Toy Box Philosopher.  I read that blog from start to finish and it was the catalyst that hooked me onto doll blogs.  It was such a treat to read about all of these different dolls and toys that were out there and it brought back such a love of dolls that I really forgot I had. 

When I read her post about the Tonner Cinderella doll, I could not get over how stunning she was! 
She was the first expensive/collector doll that I felt like I really "clicked" with. 
Unfortunately, Cinderella was pretty hard to find on Ebay and when she did pop up, I lost out a few times while bidding.  
But then I saw her post on Jess

Tonner Nu Mood Jess

It was love at first sight.  
A ballerina Cinderella sculpt?  Yes please!

Right after I read Emily's awesome review of her, I went right to Ebay and there she was.  
Buy It Now.  
It was like it was meant to be.  ;) 
You all know what happened next! 

She is such a lovely, beautiful doll. 

Pumpkin Pie couldn't stop telling me how amazing she was.  I had a really hard time trying to keep her mint in the box.  My intentions were to keep her on display only, but that didn't last very long.   She is now a loved member of our doll family and since I can't bring myself to spend money on any of the elaborate Tonner ballerina outfits, she sometimes likes to dress up like Rapunzel. 

The horses like her. 

But are much more interested in the grass. 

Little assistants behind the scene. :)
I didn't realize Little Button was manhandling Tropical Barbie so nicely at the time! 

If you are interested in more information about Tonner's Nu Mood Jess doll, I really recommend checking out Emily's review of her here.  She did such a lovely job!

I hope to eventually purchase a nice ballet outfit for her.  Or at least figure out how to make her a skirt and find some ballet shoes.  The nice thing about this doll is that she has interchangeable feet so you can switch her outfits/character up a bit.

She looks so much like Tonner's Cinderella that I no longer feel as though I need to purchase the Basic Blonde.  Which is great because she's pretty expensive on the secondary market. I have since added a blue-eyed Strawberry Blonde Cinderella, though who I think I adore even more than the Blonde one. :)

Autumn is always such a beautiful time of year in Update NY.  

Visits with the animals were a given. 

Drives to the Catskills Mountains were had. 

Little playgrounds nestled in the woods were found. :) 

Leaves were thrown! 

I could not stop taking photos this past fall and if you are interested in any more of the foliage and snippets into our little family's shenanigans, here's a link to my Autumn album on Flickr. ;}

As for Nu Mood Jess, I will always adore her.  She was my very first Tonner doll and I just love her serene beautiful face and she holds a special place for me as being one of the first dolls I purchased as I got into this fun hobby of doll collecting.

What about you guys?  Do you currently collect any Tonner dolls?  If so, who's your favorite?


  1. Hello Farrah,
    What a beautiful doll. Her face is stunning!
    What beautiful pictures!
    Big hug,

    1. Thank you, Giac! Yes, her face is so charming, isn't it? Tonner did an amazing job creating this particular sculpt, I just love it! Big hug to you. :)

  2. This girl is gorgeous Farrah, I've not seen her before. I went to look at your original 'want' doll, the Cinderella doll on the Toybox P's blog and she is beautiful but your girl is just as nice :) I am not into the fashion doll body shape but love looking at them and how people style them, they're lovely......and your girl is no exception. I have one Tonner doll, a Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, and having seen your photos you've inspired me to take some new photos of my girl and put them on my blog! Actually she needs her hair freshened too, so maybe I'll do that first :) Thank you for reminding me that my poor girl is here and neglected!
    Loved the autumn photos too, they're lovely......we don't really have an autumn as such here, the summer lasts for months, thankfully and then it seems like it's winter....the same with spring, it's very short...not complaining though seeing as Summer is my favourite season.
    Big hugs Sharon in Spain xx

    1. Hi Sharon, I love anything Wizard of Oz themed and am really looking forward to seeing your Dorothy! I just actually googled her and she's gorgeous-I love her ruby red slippers! Have you seen Tonner's "Evening Evil" Elphaba doll? Gorgeous!
      The climate you live in sounds wonderful. I love the 4 seasons here, but I am a summer girl as well and I would gladly live in a warmer climate if I could. I never realized Spain is so mild, weather-wise!

  3. Gorgeous doll - she looks so regal in your photos. Congratulations on being able to find her and bring her home so quickly!

    And your local scenery is stunning as well!

    1. Thanks jSarie! Yeah, she really does look regal and elegant, I agree..I think he did such a great job with this sculpt. Her expression seems to change in different lighting and angles..sometimes she seems a bit sad, but sometimes sly or content. Yes, this farm is so great-I never realize how much I would enjoy living in a rural area although our take out food options are really limited now, lol.

  4. Very pretty doll. I looked up the Cinderella doll after I read your post and I actually think Jess has a prettier look to her. I don't have any Tonner dolls, but I do think they are such unique looking dolls. Nice photos of fall too, if only we'd know what was to follow, perhaps we would have enjoyed it more!

    1. Hi Flo! Yeah, I think I actually like Jess a tiny bit more than Cinderella. She seems more innocent or delicate, I'm not really sure, but I know what you mean. :) I hear you about Autumn! It seems like the leaves are only vibrant like that for about a week and then winter flurries come along. Up here in NY, we seem to have a really short autumn and spring. Summer is never long enough and winter is too long! Ah well, there are no earthquakes, hurricanes, draughts, tornados or wildfires, here so I guess I shouldn't really be complaining. ;)

  5. Hi Farrah! Wow, stunning doll! Such a delicate face she has, a true beauty. And your nature pictures are awesome as always, thank you for sharing them with us! Big hugs xxx

    1. Hi Linda! It's great to hear from you! Thank you for your compliments and I agree Jess is a beauty for sure. I still have many more of the beautiful Tonner dolls on my wishlist it seems! I hope you are doing well over there across the ocean. xo :)