Sunday, March 29, 2015

Hearts for Hearts Dolls on Amazon

Happy Sunday, ya'll. :)
It was a super busy weekend for us. I am exhausted!

My brother is getting married in May and we had a bridal shower for his finance this Saturday at a beautiful venue called "Prime" in Saratoga, NY.  It was quite a hike from where I live, so that took up most of my day.  After that my sister, her new boyfriend (someone we have known our whole lives as he has gone to school with us since the 3rd grade!) and a few other family members came over  for dinner. (The scramble to get the house cleaned was pretty comedic...thank God for quick-cleaning husbands!)

This morning we joined my mom and step-dad for our church's annual Palm Sunday brunch and since we moved, the church is now about an hour away as well so that was also a bit more driving.
Then after that we visited my husband's grandfather at the rehab hospital he is staying in, which was another hour away in the opposite direction.

Lots of fabulous time in the car!

Anyway, I am glad to be sitting down now at 9:30 pm.  The children are tucked in and out like little light. I had a warm and relaxing shower and  I'm now in my cozy jammies and have my snacks all set up as I type up this post.

As you may know if you've followed my blog for a while, I love the Hearts for Hearts doll line.

Rahel from Ethiopia 

As you may have heard, the Hearts for Hearts doll line is being discontinued!
I read it on the lovely beastbelle's blog Never Grow Up a few weeks ago and was pretty sad to hear the news.

This was one of the first lines that I started collecting when they first appeared on my radar this past summer and I've done a few reviews since then of some that I had been able to get my hands on.  They are one of my favorite play scale dolls as they are smaller than the 18 inch play dolls and have such gorgeous faces and hair.

Surjan from Nepal 

The reason for this post is that I just wanted to let you all know that I found a lot of them on Amazon last night for close to their normal prices!  Some of the older ones like Consuelo, Rahel, Lauryce, and a few others had been harder to find unless you searched Ebay and could run anywhere from $40-$80 NIB, but now they are under $30 on Amazon!
I think they originally retailed for around $27 so this is great.
I am not sure if they will go cheaper than that, but I'll keep my eyes open.

 Lilian from Belarus 

I ended up ordering Consuelo, Zelia and Mosi last night.
Shame on me!!!

I just couldn't help myself, though, they are so cute and I think as the line fades out, they may become harder and harder to find and previously I hadn't added those to my collection as I just didn't want to pay the consistently higher secondary market prices for them.
I had a little bit of doll panic.

Nyesha from New York City, USA

About a week ago, I found a used Lauryce in amazing condition on Ebay for a great price, but other than that, I was having a hard time finding any used ones who's hair still looked nice. ;)
I accidentally went over the "doll budget" this pay period, but what can you's really hard to resist when you finally see them at a good price!

Dell from the Appalachian Mountains, USA

I love these dolls so much because of their diversity.  It's by no means perfect, but I appreciate how this doll line has branched out to try to educate young girls about other girls their age around the world who may live a little differently.  I want my children to appreciate as many blessings during the day as they can and view as much of the world in a positive, loving light.  I wish for them to respect and be eager to learn about different cultures and these dolls have given me a fun way to integrate that into our lives.

If you want to see more reviews on the dolls we currently have, just click on the links below!
Surjan and Lilian

As for now, I think the only ones I have left on my list for these girls are Shola (waiting to see if she goes below $30 on Amazon), Nahji and Tipi (both still pretty high in price.)
Hopefully I can find them at a reasonable price one of these days!

I hope you guys had a nice weekend and thank you again for stopping by...I can't believe it's Monday tomorrow already!


  1. Thank God for a well running car! :-)
    They are all so beautiful it is really tempting to go off my budget. I may end up with one later on the secondary market since they are being discontinued. Thanks for sharing the info!

    1. Yes, the grandmommy-you said it, so thankful for our car! :) I have a feeling they are probably trying to sell all the dolls they have left, so you're right, they will probably stay at this price for at least a little while, even on Ebay. No more dolls for me until the next pay period! Thanks for reading and leaving a comment. :)

  2. You're going to have quite the collection of these girls!

    I only have one of them (Surjan, although I'm still kicking myself for not picking up Nahji when I had the chance), but I love what they did with this line and was so disappointed to hear that it was being discontinued. I really think they were some of the nicest dolls available at this price point (and the diversity was a brilliant bonus as well), so it's such a shame that they won't be around anymore. :(

    1. Thanks for your comment, jSarie! It's funny you mentioned the only one you have is Surjan as she is my absolute favorite. :) Yeah, it's a disappointment that they will be discontinued. I'm kind of baffled by it though, as they seem to sell out quickly each time a new doll is released and I only usually see 1 or 2 at my local Target at a time, so I'm not sure what their reason is. Oh well, I'm sure I will become obsessed with some other line soon enough. ;)

  3. Sounds like you had as busy a weekend as I did but mine was spent cleaning LOL!
    I think the Hearts girls are lovely although I don't have one. They are soooo expensive to buy within the EU, I saw one on Amazon UK for £80 just a couple of weeks ago...crazy price! I love the dark skinned Rahel, her hair is sooooo lovely with all those curls....and they're a nice size to sew for too.
    I hope you manage to get all the girls that you'd like to add to your collection and at good prices too :)
    Hugs Sharon in Spain x

    1. Hi Sharon!
      I can't believe they are so expensive over there. I am hoping to learn how to sew soon. I have a sewing machine, but keep putting it off even though I just need to do it and then I will probably love it. ;) Yes, Rahel is sooo cute. They are really fun to photograph outside. It was snowing today, so hopefully Spring will actually arrive and I can get outside with them for some more fun photos. Thanks for the comment!

  4. That's too bad that they are discontinuing them. I don't blame you for exceeding the doll budget, once they hit the secondary market when the original stock is exhausted, it's hard to say what they will end up costing. I know I got in to that with my AG Saige, I learned my lesson. I figure if I buy and then don't like them, I can always flip them on Ebay. So far that hasn't happened though ;)

    1. Yes, I totally agree, Flo! It does feel better knowing that most of the dolls we all collect still retain a lot of value and as the years go by they build nostalgia for the previous generation so you never really end up losing a ton of money. I came onto the scene late with American Girl and just can't fork over the prices for some of the retired ones I really like (Marisol, Saige, Lanie, Kirsten, Molly, etc...). A few weeks ago I purchased Caroline as even though I wasn't 100% sure I wanted her, I know that she is retiring soon and would rather buy her now rather than regret it later. (And I love her so I'm glad I did!) :)

  5. I am so disappointed that they are discontinuing the Hearts For Hearts doll line! They are such nice dolls, and at such a great price, I don't know why they didn't make it. Maybe if they would have been more widely available, they would have sold more. I have never seen more than two or three dolls in stock at a time at Target. And I don't think Wal-Mart ever sold them. I'm glad you were able to get a few more while prices were good. :)

    1. Hello OnceUpon ADollCollection!
      Thanks so much for leaving your thoughts-I totally agree with you. I have also only seen 1-2 at a time at Target and usually they are at such inflated prices on Amazon and Ebay that it seems crazy that they are no longer making them. I hope they have a lot to get rid of so prices stay low for a while. But yes, I feel like there could have been so many more dolls made to represent so many different cultures, it's too bad we won't get to see them.

  6. My favourite are Rahel and Dell. They are so sweet ♥

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