Thursday, March 19, 2015

Spectra Ghoul's Night Out-Monster High

The daughter of the Poltergeist.  I'm scared!
Today's review is about Monster High Ghoul's Night Out Spectra.

Ghoul's Night Out Spectra Vondergeist
Yeah, I know, I need to do something with her hair!  This was an "au natural" windblown day. 

When I decided I wanted to start collecting dolls this past summer, I was unsure of what I wanted to collect and I was a bit all over the place.  There were so many dolls that I felt like I HAD to get.  Basically I read Emily's blog from start to finish and had them all on my wish list.  Overwhelming!

Since then, I have decided to focus on a handful of different lines and this has made it easier figure out my doll budget, which ones I want to review and how to organize displaying them and things like that.
Monster High has been one of those lines that I am really attracted to so I have slowly been building a small collection since this summer.

Since there are so many MH dolls out there and a lot of the earlier ones are hard to find, I've decided to try and just get 1 of each character that I like.  Preferably the classic 1st wave version of each if they are still reasonably priced, but in some dolls I actually prefer a different one over the signature release.  Spectra is one of them!

Ghoul's Night Out (beautiful photo in that link on Flickr by dms_a_gem ) consists of 6 different dolls.  Spectra, Laguna and Rochelle were all sold individually, and there is a 4 pack featuring Clawdeen, Venus, Ghoulia and Rochelle.  All of them can currently be found on Amazon and the former three are marked down from their original prices of $19.99.  Get them while you can! ;) 

How cute is Rochelle?? 

When I first saw Spectra, I didn't think I'd be adding her to my collection.  I wasn't really drawn to her character in the webisodes and the features of the doll weren't originally very appealing to me. Since then, she's really grown on me and now I think she's really cute and I love the little details that came with this version of her.

Spectra comes dressed in her classic color combo of purpe, silver and black.
She wears a one piece tube-dress with a translucent, sleeve-less purple jacket over it, fastened with a silky lavender belt.  I love how you can see the tiny stitching details in the hem of the jacket.  So cute.

She also comes with long silver earrings, a silver chain necklace and has a cute black hat with a ribbon (I have it on her backwards in these photos as I liked how it looked better!)

Her shoes are silver and with purple soles.  They are covered in chains and the heel is actually made up of a larger chain and bolt at the end.  Super cute. The chains are a common theme for her.

Here's a closer look at her earrings, which look like a long, dangling chain attached to a lock.

Her purse matches her shoes (is that still a fashion rule?)  

The chains covering the purse are actually removable :)
I have unfortunately misplaced her little black iCoffin phone so it will not be making an appearance in this review.  :(  You can see it above in the photo of her still in her box.
I can't even blame the girls as I am pretty sure I dropped it into a large box that was filled with a bunch of stuff and I haven't had a chance to dig it back up yet.  :)

Her last accessory is a small gray makeup compact that is meant to look like a little lock.  Both the iCoffin phone and compact fit nicely inside Spectra's purse.

I decided to stuff Spectra into my coat and take her along for an outdoor, winter-y photo shoot.  I also stashed Periwinkle and Frankie in there as well, but more on them soon.  :)

Here's a look at Spectra without her jacket, belt or hat on.  Lucky for her, she's a ghost, so the weather didn't bother her.

The hair is looking a little wild.  I'm not going to lie.  It needs a good boil wash soon.  The color is beautiful though.  It's mostly purple, but there are gorgeous magenta highlights as well as some streaks of very light lilac. I think once I style it a little better, she'll look even more amazing.

Spectra's tube-dress is black with pink and silver intertwining chains. Instead of her signature clear hands, this version of her hands are painted purple to appear as though she's wearing gloves.

Her face is really pretty.  Her skin tone is stark white.  Her cheeks are absent of any sort of blush.
As you can see she has very arched pastel purple brows and pink shadow extending down into the lower lashline.  Her irises are bright turquoise with gray shadowing and her sclera's are light lavender.  Her lips are a glossy, dark, vamp-y purple.  I love how the tips of her lips curve up a little, which reminds me of Catherine Zeta-Jones. I think she has a slightly softer look than Classic Spectra.  Her cheekbones don't look as gaunt to me.

Her profile is lovely and her ears are "human" shaped and very cute, don't you think? They are sculpted so nicely for a 12 inch play doll.

She is so much fun to photograph!  I never expected to like her as much as I do.
I recently watched a little of the new Monster High movie, Haunted and I think her character is super cute and like-able in the film.
Even though I will probably not add the Classic Spectra to my dolls, I would love to add at least one more to my stash.  Currently my favorite Spectras are "Dead-Tired", "Haunted" (although I can't find her anywhere!) and "Ghoul Sports".

Either way, I am so happy to have this one as my first Spectra Vondergeist.  She's cute and photogenic and happens to be Little Button's favorite!  Must be all the purple. :)

What do you guys think?  Do you like Spectra?  Do you have a favorite one? 

This one is definitely one of my favorites so far.
I hope you enjoyed my mini-review.  As usual, it seems to be a tad incomplete as I always seem to have some accessory or piece missing.  That just seems to be my style, right?
It's all for fun, anyway :)

I hope you "ghouls" out there are able to have a "ghoul's night out" in the coming days.
I know I am in need of one!
Happy Spring and Happy Weekend to you all.
See you soon. xoxo


  1. Shame that it's snowing on the first day of spring, but I love how well her body matches the snow, so that makes it all worth it! ;) In all seriousness though, it really brings out the colours in her hair and dress beautifully.

    I'm trying to keep myself from buying (many) more MH dolls, but every time I see something like the shoes on this doll I find it a little harder to do. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Yes, we woke up to even more snow this morning! Winter sticks around for a while up here (as you probably remember from your Canadian days.) :) It's funny, when I first set out to photograph her in the snow, I wasn't thinking it would work very well, but you're right, it really makes her hair look great.
      Ugh, I know what you mean about the MH dolls. I can see how people end up with a lot of them. Some of them are easy to pass up on, but others have such cute details. I'm really trying to stick with just one of each character, but I know I am not strong enough, haha. (I already have 2 Laguna's!)