Friday, May 1, 2015

Feel Good Friday-Hearing Sound for the First Time :)

Finally!!!  A flower!!  Spring is "officially" here :) 

Happy Friday everyone!
There are so many things we take for granted every single day.
Sometimes when I find myself in a bad or grouchy mood, I try to focus on the simple everyday amazing things I can do and experience.  I always say to myself "I'm so thankful I can walk and see."
Here's such a touching video of people being able to experience sound for the first time.
So amazing!  I barely got through the 1st 30 seconds without a tear...the babies...omw!
Such a simple thing that we don't even notice-hearing others-that some people aren't able to do.
I am so glad the technology is catching up to allow deaf individuals the ability to hear if they choose to!



  1. I always love these videos, it's fun seeing how different people react. I can't imagine how life changing that would be for someone!

  2. Me too, Flo! I am such a sap, lol. :)