Wednesday, February 28, 2018

My American Girl Doll Collection 2018

This year, I decided that I would love to share my doll collections with you guys as it's gotten quite large during the past 4 years that I've been collecting.

Today I wanted to feature my American Girl gals because I've gotten a whole bunch during these past few years and I don't think I ever featured them all here on the blog.

To be honest, I didn't originally intend to collect AG dolls due to their price point and size and I was only planning to focus on 12 inch dolls such as Monster High, Ever After High, and Barbie.

But then, I got sucked into the vortex called #agig on Instagram, and I became totally smitten with American Girl!  I drooled over the gorgeous photography that these collectors were displaying on their accounts.
Instagram, coupled with many of your blogs, really made me fall in love with American Girl again.

Growing up, I was really into the American Girl books (primarily Kirsten, Samantha and Felicity), but owning an actual doll never came into fruition due to our parents finances at the time.
I never had an actual doll, but I absolutely loved looking through the Pleasant Company magazines that we used to get.  That beautiful furniture and accessories had me mesmorized.  I have always loved miniatures so even bigger miniatures blew my mind.

I bought my first American Girl doll in 2015 and we now have 12 full sized dolls and 10 minis.

Here's a peek at my AG minis.  We have 10 total and the 1st four are the original soft bodied ones and the 6 to the right are the newer hard plastic-bodied ones.

The original 4 I bought were Caroline, Marie-Grace, Cecile, and Julie

The Beforever ones I got are Josefina (so cute!), Felicity, Melody, Kit, Maryellen and Kaya. 
Most of them don't have their shoes on because the girls love playing with them! 

No onto the big girls...

In the winter of 2015, I got my first AG doll from eBay and it was beautiful Elizabeth Cole!
I wanted a blue eyed Josefina mold for a custom doll that I wanted to make (still haven't made her!) and this one was used and for a great price.

Seeing her for the first time, I was amazed.  There's so much hype and expectation when it comes to American Girl as they're so iconic and had been part of my awareness for so long.
 It was the first time I had ever seen one in person! I remember thinking her head were a little smaller than I had expected, lol. I don't even think of her as Elizabeth anymore as she's always dressed in modern clothes, but I really do plan to change her wig this year and turn her into the custom I originally bought her for!

Shortly after receiving Elizabeth, I bought a 2nd Elizabeth on eBay, as I was planning to make her the sister of the 1st Elizabeth I bought.
This is the one we call Lucy who was just featured in my Christmas haul photos.  Her hair was cut by the previous owner, but I think it suits her and she's adorable!
I haven't been able to rip her wig off yet, but I'm determined to do my 3 customs this year and start sewing for them.  I will, I promise!! ;)

Samantha and Caroline were the 1st two AG dolls I bought brand new from the website.  My older daughter, (Pumpkin Pie) had fallen in love with her from the catalog and I had always wanted a Samantha so she was an obvious choice!  She is a stunning doll and so iconic to the American Girl line that I grew up with.

At the time I was considering Samantha, AG had announced that they were going to send Caroline to the archives.  I wasn't going to get her at first, but the "archive announcement" sent me into a panic that if I changed my mind down the road, she'd be more expensive!
I'm really glad we did get her as she's such a beauty and I'm happy to have her in our collection!

If I had to pick a favorite in the Beforever/Historical line, it would have to be Julie.  I got her a month or two after Caroline and Samantha (I was hardcore at this point!) and she was one that I was very excited about getting.  I remember seeing a photo of her in a catalog as an adult and I was so excited to see that they had come out with a doll from the 70s!  I ended up getting this Julie on eBay as I wanted her original outfit. I love her collection and I love that time period.  She's such a beauty. 
If I could only keep one, it would be her.

Greta is our AG #59 and she was an impluse purchase from a Jill's Steals and Deals promotion they used to have on the Today Show.  I really thought she was cute and she was definitely on "maybe someday list", but when I saw her available for such a great price, I couldn't resist! I really love brown eyes on the Classic face mold.  The girls play with her a lot and her hair is very easy to manage.

At the very end of 2015, I bought Grace, the Girl Of the Year.  I had wanted her since her release date, but kept dragging my feet as I had already bought so many AG dolls that year.  I got her right at the last minute (Dec 30th, I think!) and she's one I'm still warming up to.  I actually really enjoyed her book, but haven't really bonded with the doll herself or her baking theme.  (Baking just isn't really something I get excited about!).  I think mine has slightly wonky eyes.  To be honest, I got her to use as another custom, but I haven't done it yet, lol.  I actually got another one, used on eBay for Pumpkin Pie as Grace would be her mini-me.  (She's mine, too!)  Since we technically have 2 Grace's in our collection, I don't feel as bad about taking off her wig to customize her! (I'm just lazy.)

Lea is the only AG doll I bought in 2016 and I got her right at the very end of the year to give to myself for Christmas.  I think she's one of the prettiest dolls in my collection and if there was an AG kid that matched me as a kid, personality-wise, she would be it!  I enjoyed her book (although not as much as I enjoyed Grace's book) and her interests completely mirror my own.  She loves traveling, nature, animals and photography.  She was very close with her grandmother. She also gets nervous doing certain things and was insecure in herself and her relationships. Me as a kid!
She's such a lovely doll, though, and her hair is a dream!

The first doll I got in 2017 was Addy.  Her books and story touched me the most out of any other and I really love her strength and personality.  I can't imagine what a child like her would've gone though back then and she certainly overcame so much at such a young age.
She's such a pretty doll and I love her clothes in the Beforever line.  I would love to also get her original meet outfit.  We got her bed on sale this past holiday season as well as a few of her outfits and I'm hoping to get more of her clothing as well.  I just love her and am so happy to have her in the collection!

Anouk is our Truly Me #28 and she had been on my list for a while!  She's my favorite of all the Truly Me dolls and I just think she's so adorable.  I named her after Anouk from the movie "Chocolat" with Juliette Binoche and Johnny Depp. I really love the Josefina mold in general and this cutie pie is my favorite!

The last doll I bought in 2017 is Kateri, our Truly Me #66.  I think she's so beautiful and she will probably be my stand-in Kaya doll.  I don't know if I will ever get Kaya, but I love her collection.  My only complaint with this doll is her very thin wig, so I may order her a new one that's longer and thicker.  This doll is Little Button's favorite at the moment, so she plays with her a lot.  :)

Overall, I love our AG girls and there are still many more I would like to collect.  Storage is my main issue, so we don't collect too many of the accessories.  My favorite accessories to collect would be their beds or any other interesting furniture if room wasn't an issue.  I did cave and get Addy's bed, Maryellen's living room table/lamp and Samantha's bed when they went on sale over the holidays, but I would love to have a display with them each in their own "rooms" someday!

As for new stuff...did you guys see Maryellen's new camper??  Squeeee!  It's so stinkin' cute.

Anyway, thank you for letting me share my collection with ya'll.
I know some of you don't collect AG, but if you do, who is your favorite doll?

Hope to post again soon and to catch up with you all!

xoxo Farrah 


  1. Hello Farrah,
    That is some collection. They are all quite lovely and I like the variation from one doll to another.
    Big hug

    1. Thank you, Giac! I love the variations as well..that's why I can't stop! Lol. :)

  2. What a lovely collection, Farrah! The AG dolls are very addictive. I got my first one, Samantha, in 2006. My cousin had sent me the 1st Pleasant Co magazine (which I still have) when the dolls were first produced, and she's the one I always craved. I think I have 18, but plan to take a photo of all of them and put them on my blog too. I loved your post.

    1. Thank you, Loretta! Oooh yes, Samantha is so lovely. I would love to see your collection! I'm so glad you enjoyed the post. :)

  3. Thank you for sharing your American Girl collection. You have a nice variety.

  4. Farrah you have a lovely collection of American Girls, I'm really happy to see them. I love the face mould that you have the most of, Lea, Truly Me #28 and #66, it definitely is my favourite. And I really like Julie too, her outfit is just perfect and like you the 70s is a favourite era of mine. But what I particularly like about Julie are her brown eyes, they look so nice with her blond hair, my favourite hair/eye colours combination.
    Now if only they didn't have that cloth body.....that is the only thing that has stopped me from getting an AG doll! Would I be able to see beyond that if I were to take the plunge? I honestly don't know, but I do love their legs and their knees (yes I'm weird!) and I have sooooo many patterns here for them......
    Anwyay, enough of my likes, this is a great collection you have here and it was super to see them all. Thank you!!!
    Big hugs xx

    1. Thanks, Sharon!!
      I agree with you on preferring the Josefina mold. I love that one and the "Jess" mold, which I don't have any of yet, but they are both very cute. I also love the brown eyes/blonde hair combination! It's one we don't see a ton of, but very pretty indeed. Julie has such a fun collection.
      As for the cloth bodies..I agree as well. I don't notice the neck line as much in person, but I always do in photos! I think back when the dolls were originally made, the clothing was very high in the collar, so it wasn't as noticeable. Now everything more low cut. They don't look good in bathing suits as well, either. I prefer the Journey Girls style of at least a vinyl breast plate as that works better with the doll clothing.
      I'm so glad you liked the post! :)
      Hugs back xo

  5. What a lovely collection of American Girl dolls. I also have many of the dolls and all the books to go with them. Samantha was my first and is still my favorite. Thank You sharing.

  6. My favorite doll has always been Samantha, because I love the clothing styles from her era. I got Samantha as a Christmas gift from Mr. BTEG in about 1996. I've only had the one since then, until I got Caroline. Like you, I liked her, but I finally made the move to get her when I found out that she was retiring. I might have more, except that they've always been a bit much for my budget. Plus, there's the size. A nude Tonner doll would cost me about as much, but took up much less space!

    1. That's great that you have Samantha and Caroline. Both beauties! Yeah, the size is an issue. I have seen a lot of collectors with double, or triple the amount that I have and I always wonder where they all "live" when they aren't being photographed. I don't imagine that I will have all of these forever, but the good thing is, is that they seem to at least retain their value, especially if they stay in nice condition. :) I haven't gotten a new Tonner doll in ages. Did you see the new Wonder Woman one? She's so pretty!

  7. You do have a very nice collection of AG dolls, both mini and full size. It is probably a good thing I don't collect the 18 in dolls as I can't even imagine where I would put them all considering the amount of 1:6 scale dolls I have. We do have 1 Asian Bitty baby that was Alyssa's which I got her when she was 3 and 1 Asian 18 in doll from the line that was replaced my the Truly Me dolls. You were able to customize the dolls to some degree. Back then, there wasn't an Asian character in the regular line. I do have quite a few of the minis though!

    Thank you for sharing this collection with us. It is always fun to look at what others collect even if you don't collect the same dolls.

    1. Thanks, Phyllis! I am so glad they are finally getting some Asian character dolls. I think the "Jess" mold is so adorable! I definitely want to get one. I'm not totally thrilled by Nanea as she doesn't really look Asian to me, but it was nice that they finally had a Beforever character with some Asian roots. I love seeing your mini dolls as part of your 1:6 scale families and I agree...always nice to see other collections, even if you don't have any of that particular line!

  8. I really love your AG collection. I too was not planning to collect American Girl dolls, primarily because of the cost. But I decided that I needed to get at least one. It was Julie. Then I found one in a thrift store. And then I got caught up in the bidding on eBay. Now I have 7 lol!

    1. Lol! It's so funny how quickly they can multiple!! :) That's so cool that you found one in a thrift store!!

  9. I don't collect these dolls, but I did enjoy your post Farrah, you have a brilliant collection of AG girls. :)

    There are so many dolls available to us these days, it would be impossible to collect them all. Although we are all doll collectors, we don't necessarily all love the same dolls and it's really nice to be able to share different dolls with each other. It could become quite boring in the blogasphere if we all collected the same dolls, don't you think?


    1. Yes, I agree! It's fun to enjoy ALL the dolls. There is no way I would be able to collect everything I liked. Always fun to see what appeals to each of us as individuals. :)
      Hugs back, x

  10. I didn't realize you had so many, great collection! My favorite mold is the Jess mold, and out of my Jess's, it's a tie between Alya and Cassandra as far as the favorite. I think out of the historical line, Kit is my favorite. Can't wait to see your customs!!!

    1. Thanks, Flo! I also really love the Jess mold and I hope to get one soon! Kit has such a great collection. I only have one dress of her's so far, but she's an adorable doll. My customs aren't going to be too exciting, but I think they will be cute once I'm done!

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  12. Very beautiful collection, I love your choice of molds :-)

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