Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Christmas 2017 Doll Gifts (Rainbow Brite, Barbies, Disney and Hallmark Keepsake!)

Sorry this is a little belated, but I still wanted to share my doll related Christmas season gifts this year.  Some things I got during the Christmas sales, some I actually got as gifts and some I bought after Christmas.  :) 

I can't resist a good sale! 

First we'll start off with what I got FOR Christmas.  I didn't ask for a lot as I usually buy way too much stuff for myself throughout the year, but I did get some fun items on my wish list.

In case you prefer a video, I made this one for Youtube. 

I love to collect 80s toys and/or modern versions of 80s characters I loved as a kid.  The 80s have made a huge comeback over the past few years as the 30th and 35th anniversary of this era is now here. (That's so crazy to believe!)  I think toy markets really know how much us 80s kids were obsessed over our toys, so they are remaking lots of fun stuff! 

My sister got me this adorable Care Bear ornament that she found at a local grocery store.  This bear wasn't one of the original ones from the 80s, but I love her just the same!

 Rainbow Heart Care Bear Ornament

I also collect Hallmark Itty Bittys from the Rainbow Brite line, so the girls got me this Stormy Itty Bitty and book as well as the Rainbow Brite complete series on DVD.  This is the first time this classic cartoon has ever been released on DVD here in the US.  Yay!

I also got this lovely Belle figurine from the Disney Enesco Couture de Force line.  I really love these figure as they are sculpted so beautifully!  I started collecting these last year and so far I have Elsa and Cinderella (wedding).

I also got this little DYI room box kit to make during the holidays, but I never got around to doing it.  I will probably still make it this winter! Either that, or put it away for next Christmas.  #crafthoarding ;)

I got really into Hallmark Keepsake ornaments this year and wanted to start collecting the ones that could double as miniature props for photos with dolls. 
This is an adorable ornament from last year that resembles a small box of vintage ornaments.  I think there are 2 more in this line which I will try to collect as well! 

Lucy loves vintage Christmas ornaments.

The last ornament I got for Christmas (aka, bought it for myself for Christmas, lol) is the 1999 Hallmark Barbie Dreamhouse ornament. I've seen this in a lot of cute doll photos and if there is anything I love more than miniatures, it's miniatures for miniatures.  

This is the cutest!! 

Asha is all set to play...all she needs are some mini Barbies (which I haven't figured out yet, haha.) 

Moving on to things I bought during the Christmas sales, I got these 3 fashionistas. 

Teddy Bear Flair (regular body)
Skipper molds are always one of my favorites! 

She's one of the prettiest!  I think this is the Theresa/Bambi mold. 

She was one that I passed by many times, but then I really looked at her and thought she was really cute.  Does anyone know what face mold she has?

They're all really unique and lovely and I'm loving all the new 2018 ones that have started to hit shelves.  Every time I go to Walmart, I grab one or two.  I only wish the Made to Move line was still easily obtainable.  I mean, you can still get them, but online, they're a little more expensive.
I have so many stiff bodies that need to be able to bend!  I actually don't mind keeping the curvy and petite girls on their bodies for now, but I usually like to at least transfer the regular, and tall ones to MTM.  I hope they start making them again (especially the purple top one!!) 

Lastly, after Christmas, I was able to get some additional Hallmark ornaments that went on clearance.  I love/hate waiting until after Christmas, because some stuff is like 75% off, but others are sold out if you wait.  Luckily, most everything you can still find on eBay for around the same price after the holiday buzz has worn off.
So I didn't get everything I had hoped for, but I got a bunch of cute stuff anyway!

Mini Lincoln Logs 

Doing planks while playing 

This is probably a little too big for Barbie scale, but would work for 18 inch dolls. 

These next two, I just got for nostalgia reasons.  

Goodnight Moon has been read at least 100 times in our house. :) 

 An old Rankin and Bass classic. 

The fabulous Holiday Barbie ornament for 2018. 

I ended up getting the full sized Barbie after Christmas as well once she went on clearance. 

This is my first Barbie ornament and I like them as they make good "Barbies" for my AG dolls! 
                          "Uh, this is more of just a stiff figurine with nonremovable clothes" 

These little houses come in the Kozy Korner series so I grabbed this one on clearance (there were quite a few).  I think they would make a cute "Christmas village" scene in an AG doll room.  I just need to collect a few more to make that idea work, ha.

And lastly, I got this little retro roombox ornament called Tinseltown.  It lights up and is adorable!
I got this one purely for the fact that it has a tiny aluminum tree. :)

I also got a few American Girl items during their 12 days of Christmas sales, but I will save that for another post as this is getting quite lengthy!
It's funny, but each year for Christmas, I really only want doll related stuff.
It's just such a fun hobby. :)

I hope you all got some wonderful goodies this year to enjoy and share with your dolls. :)
I'd love to know if there was anything really great you got this year!  Do you just buy for yourself or gives someone a list or do people surprise you with fun things?  (I buy for myself and make my husband wrap, lol!) 

xoxo Farrah

Disclaimer:  some links are Amazon associates links, just FYI.  I'm not affiliated with anyone else, but included as many links as I could in case you were interested in finding any of these items for yourselves. :) 


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks! I started following this instagrammer who uses Hallmark ornaments a lot in her diorama photos and couldn't resist as I was so inspired! :)

  2. Wow; some neat things, and a great review! I got married in the 80's and had our one son in the 80's so now I'm feeling really ancient. LOL! The 80's were a great decade for me, and it seems for you too.

    1. Lol! Well, I bet it was really fun to be a young adult in the 80s. Definitely a decade that sticks out! :)

  3. OMG, I love that Dreamhouse Ornament. Perfect for our dolls to play with! I wish I had gotten it! You really got some cute gifts there. I love all the miniatures too as they can be toys for our toys!

    1. Thanks, Phyllis! I agree about the's so adorable! :)

  4. Super love the tiny Dreamhouse! I agree about the miniatures for miniatures thing! Perhaps you could populate it with model trains people?
    I got dolls too, and two miniature dollhouse kits, about the same scale as yours, but not holidays themed. The kits arrived on my birthday, the rest of the stuff was spread throughout December and January.

    1. You sound like you got some fun stuff too, and thanks for the idea about the tiny train people! I think my daughter has some tiny little Polly Pockets so maybe that would work as well.
      December and January are always so fun to shop due to the great sales (even though I should be buying for others, lol). Happy belated birthday!

  5. Hi Farrah!
    Better late than never. :) What a huge haul, you are very spoilt. I didn't get anything doll related this year, just gorgeous jewellery. LOL!

    Now you have all those dolly props, I expect to see them in lots of different photos.
    Big hugs,

    1. Soo spoilt! ;). OOooh, jewelry sounds really nice as well!
      I really hope to take more fun photos this year and am still organizing my doll space to make it easier for me and to be able to know where everything is. More to come on that!
      Hugs back x

  6. That's a great selection of gifts! I always love seeing the 80s-themed toys that you have. I love that Rainbow Bright is making a comeback. ;)

    1. Thanks,'s great to hear from you! I always love seeing your retro finds as well. It's just fun to connect back to "simpler times", lol. I also LOVE that Rainbow Brite is making a comeback. I didn't have much of her merch at the time, but I really love it now. :)

  7. Hello Farrah,
    What amazing presents and purchases. you made out like a bandit! Theyre are some really great things, but the Belle doll is my favorite...the sculpting and attention to detail is phenomenal!
    Big hug

    1. Hi Giac!
      Yes, a bandit, indeed. When it's lumped all together I feel spoiled! I'm glad you like the Belle as I really do as well. I'm looking forward to collecting more of these lovely figurines. :)
      Hug back xo

  8. Oooh you did acquire some nice dolly things this year :) I am the same as you, I only want dolly stuff for any occasion whether it be Christmas, my birthday or any other time really! Which is why I seem to have so much stuff!!!!
    I love those little Hallmark ornaments, they are so varied and interesting and yes, they make such great props for our doll photos. I love Lucy's fairisle sweater, did you knit it yourself?
    And your Belle is lovely too.
    Hugs Sharon in Spain x

    1. Dolly stuff is just more fun! As for Lucy's sweater, no I didn't make it, it actually is an American Girl doll sweater that I got a few years ago. I'm so flattered that you thought I knitted it, though!! :)
      Hugs to you x

  9. Great Haul! I have seen the Victorian house and that it was made for Chelsea! Glad to know where to find it! I never think about going to Hallmark at the holidays now that there isn't one close. I will have to put it on my list!

    1. Hi Ms. Leo!
      Yes, this is the first year I jumped on the Hallmark train and it was pretty fun! I hope you're able to find some goodies as well. :)

  10. Wspaniałe mini ozdoby.
    Panny Barbie śliczne.
    Miło mi poznać Twój blog😀 Zapraszam do mnie z wizytą i pozdrawiam!

  11. That mini Dreamhouse is on my wishlist as well. Unfortunately, previous editions of Hallmark ornaments can get pretty pricey, but I haven't looked seriously either.

    Since I don't remember aluminum Christmas trees personally (my parents didn't even have one back when they were fashionable,) they always remind me of A Charlie Brown Christmas when Charlie Brown is encouraged to buy a big aluminum Christmas tree, "maybe even painted pink!"

    1. They remind me of Charlie Brown, too! I watch that special every year. :) This particular Dreamhouse, I found on eBay for only $8 I believe, so they are definitely out there and at a good price!

  12. I forgot to add that my almost 19 year old daughter and I can still recite "Goodnight Moon" by heart.

  13. It is never to late to show some new treasues :)
    Those new outfits are really pretty (I love flowers and butterflyes)
    And I know Lucy is not part of the haulbut I like her a lot, especially her jumper. My mom and I might try to make something similar.

    1. Thank you! I agree...her top was so cute and that's the main reason I bought the little winter sweater set from American Girl. So cozy! I hope you're able to make something similar. :)