Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Quick Poll: Favorite dolls to see here??

Hey guys,
Now that I have been collecting for a few years, I'm sort of lost direction and momentum of keeping up with what I buy and what I have time to review.

I follow lots of different blogs that review all sorts of dolls so I just wondered what it is YOU guys like to read about.

I wanted to just get your feedback about what you would be most interested in seeing reviews and posts about since I am just overwhelmed with all the dolls I still have laying around in boxes, waiting for reviews.

If you could take a second to comment on maybe your favorite type of doll as well as let me know if you enjoy the more personal family/nature type of posts that would be great.  :)
This will not affect my personal collecting, but will just give me some direction on what to review!


1.  The types of things I'm currently collecting are below are so please let me know what you like to see reviews and photos of:

Ever After High
Monster High
Disney Dolls
American Girl and other larger dolls like Hearts for Hearts, Our Generation and minis
Younger style dolls such as Shopkins/Shoppies and blind bags
80s Toys
More expensive dolls like Hot Toys, Tonner and Disney Limited Edition Dolls

2.  Would you like to see family blog posts as well (like photos of daily life, my sister's wedding, the kids, our farm, etc.) ?

3. Are you interested in seeing videos as well or do you usually skip over them?  (if you prefer to skip them then I'll just keep them on my YT channel. :)

4.  Are you interested in seeing crafts that I am doing as well?

Thanks so much for your help and feedback!
I really appreciate it.

UPDATE:  I am keeping comments private so you guys won't see them, but thanks so much for the feedback already!! :)

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