Thursday, October 1, 2015


Wow, another one of these monthly round-ups...didn't I just do one??
You know I'm going to say it...September flew by! 
Seriously though, I really like doing these little monthly posts as it helps me keep up with my own photography and documentation of my family's shenanigans. :) 

So this month was pretty busy for us.  Pumpkin Pie started 1st grade and getting back into the early morning routine has meant going to bed earlier and less time for blogging.  It's something that I just have to accept and let go of.  I would totally blog all day if I could and I have to realize that it is what it is right now and it's all good. 

My mom and step-dad's orchard was busting with delicious (and organic...they didn't spray this year!) fruit.  We had a lot of fun going "apple picking" for free. 
It's so amazing to grow your own fruit and veggies and be able to pick a healthy snack whenever you can and I'm so thankful they give us access to this deliciousness.  We had a small garden this year with tomatoes, cucumbers and green peppers, but the tomatoes didn't make it due to blight.  It was still fun to be able to pick a cucumber and pepper for my salad most days, though! 

Since it was fairly sunny and very warm for most of the month (it is technically still summer!) the girls and I continued to explore one of our favorite spots, the creek out back.

I love that we have access to so much nature and they can put their hands and feet in it, explore and discover.  It's not alway a perfect scenario (crying and whining, lol) but it makes me happy the we can all get outside and breathe fresh air so often.

Around the farm lots of birds have started clustering together in prep of heading south for warmer weather.

I was a little surprised by how late the leaves started to seemed earlier last year!  (Not complaining, haha.)

The corn has reached it's peak and harvesting began late in the month which kept my aunt and uncle really busy.

This is the view behind the house, past the creeks and  looking back towards the road.  
Amazing, right?? :) 

My favorite old apple tree (just have to include it in each monthly post.) :) 

We dog-sat a few times for my aunt and uncle so "after dinner walks" were really nice as the sun sets earlier and it looks pretty sweet from the field across the street! 

Amazing view from across the street looking back at the farm. (I wish I could build a house up here!)

Flower from Pumpkin Pie. :) 

                                                      The cows are back across the street!:)
                                             I love this morning view of them from the porch.  

We only had about 1-2 rainy days the entire month. There were times I actually craved the rain for the simple reason of having an excuse to stay inside and clean!  On this particular day, we just sat on the porch, did crafts, drank coffee and crochet.  Heck.  That's more fun than cleaning.

Yup, still working on these blankets...the never ending project! 
Slow and steady wins the race, right? 

We were able to get out on one hike mid-month to our favorite waterfalls.  The girls did really well!  Well, sort of, I guess.  As far as crying and whining, it was good.
Pumpkin Pie hiked the whole way by herself, but Little Button was carried quiet a bit. Her little legs just couldn't quite walk as far as they needed to.
 I have to admit, the only reason I am in shape is because I carry or give this kid a piggie back ride so often!

We made it to the lake! 

Little Button and I still enjoy our morning walks to drop her off at the babysitter before work (who conveniently lives down the street!)

As I say goodbye to September, I'm thankful for the sunshine, warm days and easy transition back to school life.  I'm excited for the upcoming holidays, comfort foods, chilly weather (forcing myself to write that lol), hot drinks, warm cozy clothes  and family time.
I hope you all had a nice time jumping into Autumn (or Spring if you're in the Southern Hemi!) and hope your October is even better. :)


  1. Great update, love all the beautiful colors this time of year, definitely missing the Northeast for that reason!

  2. Such beautiful scenery you have! The apples and the blue fruit looked yummy! Were they blueberries or plums? So wonderful to have fruits and veggies out your back door -- nature's best! Nothing better than fresh picked! September did fly by and now it is October. We have been getting prepared for Homecoming this weekend. My youngest (she is a sophomore in HS this year), is getting all dressed up to go!

    1. Hi Phyllis, they were plums and to be honest, I never even got to taste one. The kids ate them so fast..even when I would set one aside for part of my lunch, it would "disappear" before I had a chance to eat it! :) Oh boy, I bet your daughter must be so excited. 10th grade was so much fun as I recall and there is so much excitement at that age to get dressed up and go to dances, I hop she has a great time! Take lots of photos. :)

  3. Great photos! I need to go buy some apples to make an apple crisp (or two or three!), glad to not have to eat dry apples from last year anymore. My parents never sprayed their trees and we never had any real issues with insects, and so much safer. We only got a few tomatoes off our plants this year, we too had blight issues. Lots of banana peppers though!

    I love this time of year with the cooler weather, I just don't like what follows it. :(

    1. Hi Flo, I can't wait to make apple's so quick and easy! That is great that your parents never sprayed their fruit either and I hope mine continue not to as their fruit did so well...everything pretty much came out perfect! Not too many peaches this year made it, but I think that was due more to the weather.
      I don't like what follows this weather either!! Well, only until Christmas, then I am ready for spring again, but we have 3 more (sometimes even 4) months of winter after that!

  4. This is wonderful! Great photography! Keep it up! I love this blog! :)

    Allie D.

  5. Another lovely post, you live in such beautiful surroundings that I really do enjoy seeing this 'round-up' each month, although it does make me also think "my goodness, are we there again already!" which scares me a bit thinking about how fast time just seems to flash by us.
    The photos are gorgeous, your girls are growing so nice and sturdy like the plants around them, I noticed this particularly this month. Must be all the sunshine and fresh fruit and veggies that they're eating.
    Which reminds me, I have a very little something here for you and the girls, I mean very little, but wanted to send it all the same, so is there a way of contacting you or do you have my email?
    Enjoy your October, I expect we might see pumpkins at the end of this one?
    Big hugs Sharon in Spain xx

    1. Hi Sharon, I'm so glad you like these types of posts! Yeah, it really does make you feel like time is rushing by, I have to agree with you there. Thank you for the kind words about the girls! I wish I could show their faces more (I am just so on the fence about it) as I can see so many changes in their faces as the months go by. You are so sweet to send something to us, how nice! My blog email is if you want to contact me for our address. Really, that is so nice!
      Yes, I think there will be pumpkins in the next monthly post :)
      Big hugs back xo

  6. Hi Farrah this post is wonderful, I always appreciate so much these posts of yours. After a week of business meetings and frantic schedules, you really made my day! Thanks for sharing

    1. Thank you, Billa! I'm so glad you enjoyed the photos. I hope you get some nice rest and relaxation this weekend!!

  7. Hi Farrah, a great overview of your month! The fruits look all so delicious, and as always your photos are so beautiful :-). Thank you very much for sharing all this beauty of nature with us! Enjoy the weekend xxx

    1. Hi Linda! You're welcome! I am always so happy to share photos with anyone that will look at them! :) Have a great weekend as well xoxo

  8. I came over from Flo's blog to say hello! Lovely photos. I look forward to looking around :)
    Jen at

    1. Hi Jen! Thanks so much! :) I will definitely check out your blog as well. I love finding other fun blogs. Thanks for stopping by :)

  9. I thoroughly enjoy your monthly round ups - always full of colour and inspiration and beautiful scenery from the wonderful part of the world you live. That fruit looks absolutely delicious! Building special memories with your children.

    1. Thank you so much, Serenata, I'm so glad you enjoy them! I enjoy writing them as well. It's nice for me to go back through the photos and recall what we did. The fruit really was delicious. I have to go back and pick more apples while I can! :) xo

  10. Beautiful photos Farrah Lily! Love the rock photos and the leaf photos. The blanket with the hands sticking out is also a wonderful photo. Always like looking at your site.

    1. Thank you, JGKelsey! I always enjoy your site as well...your photos are such a treat and very inspiring. :)