Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Nyesha-Hearts for Hearts Doll

Ahhh, beautiful Nyesha...

This is one of the newly released Hearts for Hearts dolls that I was fortunate enough to add to my collection a couple of weeks ago.  This is just a really quick look with photos, but if you are interested in an in-depth review, there is a great one by the lovely beastsbelle at her blog Never Grow Up.  

You know me, I really just like to take the pics ;)

I also really like her because she's a New Yorker like me :)

I wanted to do a brief comparison of my two beautiful African American ladies to show the subtle, but appreciated differences in their face-molds.  
The other doll here is Rahel (from Ethopia) and I did a fuller review of her here if you are interested. 

Both sets of clothing are pretty bold, focusing mostly on primary colors, with some fun bright accents like the aqua blue.  

Their hair type is quite different and Rahel's is quite a bit darker as you can see in the photos. 

Looks like you forgot my other sandal, Farrah!

I was really happy to see the uniqueness of their profiles.  Nyesha's nose has a higher bridge, which I think is really cute.  Rahel's is more petite and celestial in shape.  Rahel also has a larger, rounder chin and fuller lower cheeks.   Both are lovely.

Nyesha and Rahel have very similar, if not exact, amber-colored eyes.  I would've liked to see a richer brown eye color, but in reality, I think if it was too much darker, it would look a bit creepy as you wouldn't really be able to distinguish the pupils from the iris, so it's probably good to have a bit of contrast.

Their eye shape is pretty exact, but as you can see Nyesha's eye shadowing is bit rounder while Rahel's is more almond shaped.  There are also subtle differences in the fullness and angle of their eyebrows.  Nyesha's make her look a bit more "wide-eyed" and younger.

Nyesha's face is slightly rounder as Rahel's full cheeks taper to a more distinct point, emphasizing her little chin.

The most obvious difference is their lips.  Nyesha has an innocent down-turned mouth expression (but quite pleasing) with fuller lips painted in a cotton-candy pink where-as Rahel's lips are more refined and in a natural dusky maroon.

Again you can notice the different nose shapes from the front.
They are both so gorgeous!

Nyesha's clothes look really lovely on Dell.  The accent colors go beautifully with her aqua eyes.  
I think maybe next time I really need to be aware of the earrings on these dolls as pretty much every photo has crooked earring (as well as whether they have both shoes on!)  Sorry :}

Overall, this doll is a true beauty.  Here little face is so endearing and Little Button has chosen her out the the line-up as her favorite.  You may notice that one of her blue earrings is already missing!  We've had a lot of fun dressing them up in the other girls clothes and making up stories for them so it's worth it.  I'm sure it will turn up eventually although it's probably already been sucked up in the vacuum.  I really recommend these dolls, but I will say, as with most dolls, if you are giving them to a child to play with, definitely braid the hair as it will be a mess within a day, unfortunatley.  Despite that, they are so well made for the price and I love the subtle difference in their face molds.
We love Nyesha!

I just found another review of her with GORGEOUS photos on Steph's blog "many small friends."

She is actually on sale right now from Toys R'Us for $19.99 (usually $27.99) if you are interested! :) 

Hope everyone's holiday shopping is going well.  I still have  A LOT to do...hoping to wrap (ha!) it up this weekend.  Friday is payday so you know what that means ;) 


  1. They are so cute and lovely, and I'm glad you showed their profiles, I had no idea they were different! It's great when a lot of thought is put in a doll design! And those eyes are just adorable aren't they :-). Happy shopping on payday! xo

    1. I know, I enjoy little details as well...I feel like such a nerd, but I can't help myself. Yes, the eyes are stunning on these dolls! :)

  2. She is really a beautiful doll. Thanks for sharing. Good luck finishing up your shopping!

    1. Yes, she is! Thanks for stopping by, Phyllis :) Happy shopping to you as well!

  3. Oh Wow Nyesha is Beautiful - Little Button clearly has good taste enjoying dollies with yoU! HaPPy JoyOus Holidays to you and Little Button Too! ~ LuV, TiGGy

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