Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Baby Pig Updates

Hey there gang...I was just sifting through my photos and found these gems I took about 2 weeks ago.  
Here's our baby pigs at about 2 weeks old.  They are sooo very precious and sweet.  There's about 19 babies between the two mama's and I can't get over how quickly they are growing.  They have started running around like puppies playing with each other and are very curious.  I try to sneak out at least once a day to give the moms our fruit and veggie leftovers and most of the time they are huddled under the heating lamps, all snuggled together, fast asleep.  
It doesn't matter what kind of day I've had because when I see their little faces it just makes me so happy. 

We love the pigs! xo


  1. Oooowwww... they are so adorable! Mother pig looks happy with her little ones too! xx

  2. Little piggies are so cute! We had them on our farm growing up too! Have fun!

  3. Hello from Spain: Great baby pigs. Lovely pics. Keep in touch

  4. Thanks Night Owl, Phyllis and Marta! Yes, they are just wonderful to watch right's hard to believe that they will be as big as their mom someday!