Monday, November 29, 2021

Holiday Barbie 2018 - Holidays Dolliday Christmas Countdown

Today's post features the lovely 30th anniversary Holiday Barbie from 2018. 

This year marked the 30th year anniversary of the Holiday Barbie line which started in 1988. 
Her box was brightly colored and very festive and that dress is just so beautiful!

As usual, she came in 3 different versions. 

I can see why they went with a red dress to match the 1988 red-dressed one, but that is pretty much where the similarities end!  I am not sure if they intended to make her look like the 1988, but she's still lovely, nonetheless! 

Blonde with the Mille face sculpt

  Brunette with the Tori face sculpt (I wish I had gotten this one!)

And the AA one with the Asha face sculpt (I love her natural hair!)

Here she is in all her glory. 
Those ruffles! 

Acessory-wise, she came with an elaborate necklace and beautiful pearled cuff bracelet as well as a pearled headband. 

She has 30 pearls total within her headband, bracelet and necklace to represent her 30th anniversary. 

She has red, high-heeled sandals. 

Her makeup really transforms the Millie face sculpt and she looks really beautiful.  
She has violet Elizabeth Taylor eyes!

Overall, I like this one.  I wish I had gotten the brunette as I think she's really cute, but you really can't go wrong with good ole' Barbie. 

Thank you for checking in and I'll see you in tomorrow's post! 

xoxo Farrah 


  1. This is a nice design! I like the 30 pearls idea and all the dolls look great. I don't collect any more Ashas because somehow they look the same although they have different hair. But this holiday Asha looks unique, I'd gladly have one. The blonde looks great too. In the previous post, the blonde is actually my favourite.

    1. Yes, true about the Asha sculpt how it can get a little repetitive. I really appreciate how this was one of the first AA Holiday Barbies to give her a natural hair texture!

  2. That Barbie doll is beautiful. The dress is so appropriate for Christmas.

  3. I think I missed the names of the other two. Arent they all Barbie?

    1. Yes, I'm sorry. They are all Barbies, but I was just showing which face sculpts they used for each one! :)

  4. Her dress is amazing! I know that some sell their Christmas Barbies during the season, so maybe you can find the brunette with Tori face sculpt that way. Worth a look. :)