Sunday, November 28, 2021

Holiday Barbie 2019 - Holidays Dolliday Christmas Countdown


Hi everyone!
Today's quick post features the 2019 Holiday Barbie. 
I ended up getting the blond version in this line, however all 3 are stunning and I hope to eventually collect them all. 
I didn't take very many "out of box" photos yet, but wanted to share my video review of her that I did today. 
She's so beautiful! 

She is a gorgeous doll and features the Millie face sculpt that is still the dominant Barbie face sculpt of today. I really love her elegant, yet fun candy cane inspired dress with sparkly silver details, silver chandelier style earrings and her beautiful side-swept hair.  I wish she had come with ring or other silver accessory, though! 

Here are a look at the other two versions that were released. 

Brunette with the Neysa face sculpt. 

Curly hair with the Shani face sculpt. 

It's honestly hard to choose a favorite.  They are all stunning! I hope you are having a wonderful holiday season so far. 

Xoxo Farrah 


  1. This year they were not my favorite Holiday releases, although I do like the one with the Shani sculpt. The blond one you got would be my second fave and the last the brunette one. They've had better releases, but I like the candy cane theme.

    1. Yeah, I agree..I definitely like her a lot more out of the box, but when I first saw the promo photos, I was a bit underwhelmed!

  2. I remember when these came, I thought their faces looked cute and a bit chubby, especially Shani's. Different. Love the dresses too.

    1. The all have round faces, you're right! This was definitely a cuter, more "fun" year for the Holiday Barbie. :)