Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Throwback: Ever After High Hat-Tastic Tea Party Set

Oh boy, this is going wayyy back to 2015 I believe!
The Ever After High Hat-Tastic Tea Party Set was the first doll playset I purchased as an adult collector.
The main reason I got it was because I really wanted the Madeline Hatter doll that it came with as I had already collected the other dolls in the Hat-Tastic line.
Plus, I thought the whole set was really cute. :)

Heck, I took the photos and they've been sitting on my computer, so might as well add them to the my doll blog archive, lol.

Here's the whole gang.  So cute! 

Box photos above and below. 

                                                                  Glam shots. 

Here's a look at everything that came in the box. 

Woah, looks like Maddie's being crushed by the tree!  No fear, Cerise was out in the woods anyway and lent a helping hand. ;)


Here's some tea to help with that concussion. 

This set came with some really adorable tea cups, teapots and pastries. 

 The molding and detail is really nice. 

Cute little cupcake stand. 

It came with one chair (for Maddie our host, of course.) 
We used this chair A LOT in a lot of different playtime scenes. 

This Maddie doll is very cute and keeps with her blue and purple color scheme.
The photo below is the signature Madeline and I think they look different enough to justify having both.  I especially like the lighter purple hair of the Hat-Tastic Madeline.

Signature Maddie

The other seating option is this cute little bench stacked up on some books. 

It also serves as a place to store the teacups and treats once you're done playing. (Genuis). 

One side table is made to look like there is a tree growing up through the middle.
I didn't take a photo from the top looking down, but the circle part of the table is sculpted into the face of a clock.

The main table is larger with a lot more room for the accessories. 

Each cup fits into a little peg in the saucer to help them stay put. 

It's just so cute! 

Now it's time for some tea! 

         Time for a riddle! 

                                             Garden Party Sloan wanted to join in as well! 

 I match the decor

Overall, this is a very cute set and I'm glad I got it.  My daughters really enjoyed playing with this over the years and I'm sure by now there are parts missing, but that's ok, the memories are worth it.
Once I get to my Ever After bin to sort out, I'll have to take it outside and do some real "tea party" photos with it.

Did any of you have this set or collect Ever After High?
They were one of my favorite dolls to collect when I first started back in 2015 so this doll line is very special to me.  I used to love collecting these dolls!

Thanks, as always for stopping by!
Xoxo Farrah 


  1. Love this set! Love Ever after high.
    The only ones I have is the reissue of the original Maddie and the 17" Maddie but I love them.

    1. I agree, this was such a great doll line and that's great you have the 17 inch Maddie...she's such a cool doll!

  2. How cute. My dolls and I are always ready for a tea party. The girls look like they are having a nice time.

    1. Thanks Dororthy. :) They had a great time! :)

  3. I have this set too, and I love it. I've also picked up an extra chair, and maybe some extra food pieces. EAH is still one of my favorite doll lines; I have a big display on a dresser, with the EAH castle and most of my dolls.

    1. I was curious if you had this one or not. That's great that you still display your EAH dolls! I'd like to get the castle someday and I agree, it would make a great place to disply everyone. :)

  4. Such a cute set! I was looking at these a few months back and thought I might want to collect a few. Luckily I came to my sense.....I don't need to start another collection! But if I did get one it would be this Hat-tastic Tea Party set, it has lots of good accessories.

    1. Haha, I know what you mean about NOT wanting to start a new collection, lol. This is probably my favorite EAH playsets (and also the only one I have.) :)

  5. What a great set! I do not have this set, but I bought Madeline Hatter when she came out in the stores here. :) Sets like this are hard to find here, in stores, the internet - no problems, but then you need to pay a lot. O_o

    1. Yes, I agree! When I looked online to see if I could buy other sets, I realized they have gone up quite a bit in price!

  6. What cute little accessories these girls come with!

    1. Thanks Sharon! Yes, the accessories are so fun! :)

  7. Realmente me gusta Maddie en este set, y quizás es por la cual lo compraría, no sé porqué, pero la básica de Maddie no llegó a gustarme y es la única de los personajes principales que aun me falta jaja (bueno, tengo solo una Maddie, la de mirror beach).

    1. Hola Jeremy!
      Sí, esta Maddie es tan bonita, comparada con la original. ¡Espero que puedas encontrarla! ¡Amo su color de pelo!