Monday, January 13, 2020

American Girl Store NYC December 2019 Historical Dolls

Back with another post today and I just wanted to share my photos of the Historical Doll section of the American Girl NYC store when I visited this past December.

First up we have some retired Historical dolls that I have never seen in person.
It was really fun to finally see them.

When I was little I LOVED the Kirsten books and I was always torn between whether I liked Kirsten or Samanta the best.  I loved reading about Kirsten's Swedish background and traditions and it was so interesting to me.
I still don't have her in my collection, but I'm curious if AG will eventually bring her back.  It would like interesting to see a Beforever version.

Cecile and Marie Grace had just retired I when got into collecting AG so I don't have these two either.
Both are so beautiful and unique though, so maybe some day they will make it to my house! ;)
I've had a MG on my list for a while as I have a customizing idea for her.

Next up, as we all know, AG decided to "cube" some of the original members of the Historical doll line up.

Felicity, Samantha, Addy, Kit and Josefina were only shown in small cubed display areas, which means they are no longer getting any additional clothing or accessories.
Luckily the dolls are still available, but this is pretty much the end of their run as Historical characters (at least for now).

I've never been tempted to get a Felicty doll even though I LOVED her books growing up.  After seeing her in person, though I thought she was beautiful and now I kind of want one!  Although she made a comeback after being in "retirement", they really didn't do much with her at all in terms of the Beforever line.

Josefina has always been on my list of dolls to get so I'm hoping to add her this year.  I'm sad that her line is ending, but I have collected a few outfits over the years for her so she will at least have something to wear!

Good ole' Molly came back from retirement, but they never expanded on her either. When she was first re-released, she only had the new eyes so I didn't care for her, but seeing her now with the good old eyes, she's very tempting! 

I have both Samantha and Addy already and a few of their pieces, so I'm not too worried about that, but it was sad to see they didn't even get their own cube!
I really hope they add more historical dolls of color in the future.  We need more!

Kit is adorable and I actually got her last year around this time used off of eBay.  She's such an iconic AG character, that her "being cubed" probably surprised me the most.

Now on to the regular characters:

Kaya is the oldest (time period wise) and set in 1764. She is one I would like to get.
I have been collecting a few of her outfits (the 2 pictured below on the right) and hope to get her some day.

It seems like her collection has also been dwindling down a little bit lately. 

Rebecca (1914) is so cute and she's another one I do not have.  She's definitely on my list and I have collected a few of her outfits over the years as well and overall, I really like her collection.
She came out with a lot of cute stuff during the previous release before Christmas.

Love her

I've always been a little on the fence about Nanea (1941), but whenever I see a good one, with good eyes, I end up really liking her.  Someone on IG posted their Nanea with brown eyes and I liked her even better! 
I'm not totally in love with her collection, but so far I've collected her hula outfit (for Little Button's #64 doll) and the long purple dress shown below. 

Maryellen (1954) was all over the place in this store.  She was in the front window, the top floor and the bottom floor.  I think it was a tie between her and Julie as to who had the most displays in the store.

(ick, new eyes!) 

I'm not going to lie, Maryellen has one of my favorite collections.  Everything is so cute! 
Her outfits are always on my list. Unfortunately, so many of her items continue to be back-ordered lately. 

 So adorable

Melody (1964) is super cool and I really like her collection as well. Her bed and accessories recently went on sale so I scooped them up!  She also has some really cute outfits.


Last, but not least, we have Julie (1974) and she had a lot of stuff on display as well!
She's my favorite historical character, mainly because I like her story and the 70s is my favorite era.
Julie was my 3rd historical doll that I bought (Samantha and Caroline were my 1st two.)

This bathroom set reminds me of my grandmother's bathroom in her old house, lol. 

I love how these cardboard fireplaces were actually "a thing" back then!

This pinball machine is so cool!! 

So all in all, it was a lot of fun to browse around this store.  The only thing I purchased was the Holiday PJs for Wellie Wishers, lol, but my wish list continues to grow! 
Do you all have any American Girl dolls?  I know a few of you definitely do and I'd be curious to know who's your favorite??
My current historical dolls are:  Samantha, Addy, Julie, Kit and Caroline (retired).  

As always, thanks for stopping by and hope you all have a great week ahead. :) 

xoxo Farrah 


  1. Thanks for taking us "window shopping" with you. I only have Addy. I like Cecile though so I might want to get her some day.

    I like Maryellen's collection also. Too bad I don't have more room in my house (laugh).

    1. Hi Dorothy! Yes, I agree, more room would be wonderful!!

  2. Farrah Thank You for this lovely post. My sisters and I have and love the historical dolls that were the original Pleasant Company dolls. We have Kirsten.Molly and Samantha. We all have our favorite american Doll. Mine is Kirsten. In our collection Marilyn and I have Addy,Felicity,Kit,Josefina,Kaya. Also Nellie(Samantha's friend).Elizabeth(Felicity's friend),Lindsay was the first doll that was not historical and Kailey too. The windows and displays were gorgeous.

    1. That is great that you share a love of dolls with your sisters. Kirsten was my favorite as well. You sound like you have such a nice collection and I'm glad you enjoyed the photos. :)

  3. My favorite historical doll is Samantha, because she is from one of my favorite eras. I also have Caroline. I think she's pretty, and I love her association with the Great Lakes. You have asked me to compare their eyelashes, since Samantha is Pleasant Company, and Caroline is Mattel. I keep forgetting, but I will try to check if you still want me to!

    I don't really want them to bring any of the historical dolls back, as in my opinion, they'll just mess up the relaunches as badly as they messed up Samantha's. Maybe I'm a curmudgeon. What's the issue with the new dolls' eyes?

    The 70s era is one my *least* favorite, maybe because I lived through it. XD We never had a cardboard fireplace, though.

    1. Samantha is a great doll, I agree. I liked her so much when I was young. I got Caroline right before she retired and I would like to read her book as I also find it interesting that her stories take place by the Great Lakes. I went to college at SUNY Oswego, right on Lake beautiful! Yes, it would be fun if you did a comparison post about the Mattel vs. Pleasant Co. dolls. I think all of mine are Mattel.
      That's a great point about how they kind of ruin the re-launches of older Historical dolls and I sort of agree. I would be curious what they would do with Kirsten, but then again, they don't have the charm that the original ones do.
      The "new eyes" issue was that American Girl had replaced their older original eyes with new ones that make the dolls look "startled". The eyes appear very wide open and slightly down-turned. A lot of collectors were very unhappy with this change and AG listed so they went back to the "old eyes". They even offered a free eye-exchange if you bought an AG doll w/ the new eyes and weren't happy with them. A lot of the in-store dolls still have these old eyes, but they are slowly being phased out, luckily!
      Oh and PS, thank you for your Nanea comment about her hulu outfit, but I can't figure out what you mean?? Did I link something incorrectly? LOL.

    2. I meant to say "A lot of the in-store dolls still have these NEW eyes, but they are slowly being phased out, luckily!"

    3. Oh, a Hawaiian dancer's dress is a *hula* dress.

    4. Ahhh, I see it now, lol. Thanks! I will go in and edit that!

  4. I sold my one and only American Girl doll as I just couldn't get on with that cloth body showing (I know, I've said it so many times that I'm getting boring now!) but if I were buying an AG I would go for Julie I think as she is very pretty and I like her hair/eye colour combination. I do love their legs, they have the cutest little knees. Your photos are great and make me really want to visit an AG store should the opportunity ever arise!

    1. I remember reading about your AG doll that you got a while back! Yes, I agree with you how the cloth bodies can be a little strange and distracting in certain outfits! I'm glad you enjoyed the photos! The store is so fun to look around and they have the cutest displays/dioramas set up. :)

  5. Hi Farrah! It's nice to see that you're blogging again.

    I don't collect American Girl dolls not just because I don't think they're avaliable in Spain, but because those type of dolls aren't my thing. Even as a child, I wasn't drown to big dolls, I prefered Barbie-ish dolls or Polly Pockets. However, I do enjoy seeing other types of dolls that people collect. My 3 faves have to be the last 3 you've shown, mostly because those are some of my favourite eras, aestheticaly wise.

    Hope you have an awesome weekend.

    1. Hi MC, I'm so happy to be blogging again and I'm glad you liked my photos even though you don't collect this type of doll. :) Hope you have a nice weekend as well, it's snowing where I am right now!

  6. Thank you Farrah for this lovely post. As my sister wrote in her comment we have many Pleasant Company and American Girl dolls. Also in our collection are mini dolls of Emily (Molly's friend),Ruth(Kit's Friend)Caroline and Marie -Grace. A few years ago the company offered an Amelia doll with school supplies. She is a small doll that came in a box that closes over;also they had school dolls we have two of them. A bitty baby and twin dolls are in the collection too.

    1. Hi Marilyn, I'm so glad you enjoyed the post! It sounds like you have a very nice collection! Thanks for sharing, I always enjoy hearing what other people collect. :)