Sunday, November 6, 2016

DC Super Heros Action Figures Supergirl and Wonder Woman

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's Supergirl! 
DC Superhero Girls 12 inch and 6 inch Supergirl, that is. :) 

Hi gang,   
Today's review is on two of the DC Superhero Girls 6 inch action figures made by Mattel.  
They were released earlier this year to go along with the 12 inch fashion dolls.  
They originally retailed for $9.99, but I just saw her on sale on Amazon for $5.93. 
There are 6 different characters to choose from and I ended up only getting Wonder Woman and Supergirl (3 cheers for showing restraint!) as these two were my favorite superheros out of the bunch. 

Let's start with Supergirl.
As depicted on the webisodes, Supergirl is a very charming and cute character.  She's ironically the klutz of the group and struggles to control her powers.  Her main powers include super strength and speed, flying, super hearing and heat vision.  Just like her big cousin. 

As I mentioned before, she stands about 6 inches tall.  When you look at her straight on, her legs appear to be very out of proportion (especially the distance from her knees to her feet.)
She is made of hard plastic with a flexible plastic skirt and detachable cape.
She has 13 points of articulation at the neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips, knees and ankles.
I'll talk a bit more about her flexibility and posing when I get to Wonder Woman (as I know you are all just dying to know, haha.)

Here's a close up of her painted face.
Her head can basically turn a full 360 and can be bend slightly from side to side, although it doesn't really stay in position.
The eyes and brows look nice and I love how they styled the mold for her bangs, but her lips are a little scary.  It looks like what my 4 year old looks like after she tries to put on lipstick.
From farther away, it's not as bad. :)

She wears a blue headband which is painted on and fades into her hair. 

Her hair is nicely  molded in an asymmetrical "sweep" that gives it the illusion of movement which I think is nice.

On her back is a small peg where the cape can be attached. (Sorry for the crappy photo!) 

Her shoes are red high-top "Converse" style sneakers with white laces and pearl-ized white slouchy socks.  The shoes do not come off, but they do rotate side to side, which provides more posing options.

If you look closely, you can see the tiny S emblem on both of her sneakers!
Despite the unrealistic length of her legs, her calves are nicely sculpted to show strength and athleticism. (As a girl growing up with muscular calves, I truly appreciate this feature!)
I kind of wish they have given her more muscular thighs, though.

Her outfit is very pleasing with bright primary colors and different shades of blue.  Her mismatched wrist cuffs are super cute. 
Overall, I love this little figure! 

"Hey, how long have you been standing there? "

Wonder Woman is the other little figure I got and she's even better!  
While Supergirl comes with a detachable cape, Wonder Woman comes with her Lasso of Truth. 
The cheapest price I found for her is on Amazon for $5.90.

For such a small doll, I really think her face is perfect.  She has a very sweet and almost innocent expression, you forget that she could pick up and throw a car if she wanted to.

She also has an asymmetrical hairstyle which gives her a different appearance when you turn her head from side to side.

Go team!
Flexibility-wise, she can do a full side and front split. 

She also sits nicely, but needs her arm positioned behind her for support. 

Super strong.

This is how I look when doing push-ups. 

Her arms are ball-joined (as are her hips) and can move out and rotate around. 

Look at those biceps!

Her elbows are also ball-joined and can rotate around.  Also in the above photo, you can see the peg hole where her Lasso of Truth can be placed. 

Cute pants, cute boots.  Her boots rotate from side to side!  Her knees are hinged and bend almost to a 90 degree angle.

I was happy to see they Wonder Woman was actually a little taller than Supergirl.  As we all know, Wonder Woman is from a planet of tall Amazonian woman, so it's to be expected.

Maybe it's because she's wearing heels? 

To show how small they are, I posed them in front of this Barbie.  
Wonder Woman is demonstrating her super flying kick! 

Overall these little DC Superhero girls are so cute and their posing options are really fun.  For the current price of under $6 each.  I think they are an amazing deal and gift for a little one. My girls love them!

Thanks for tuning in today and have a great weekend!
xo Farrah

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  1. Hi Farrah,
    Oh yes these girls are extremely leggy!! Wish my own legs were that long, then I might not look so tubby. LOL! They would make great stocking stuffers at that price.

    1. Lol, X, I would love some longer legs, too! :)
      Yes, I agree that they would make great stocking stuffers!

  2. Awesome review Farrah! I agree, I wish I had legs like that! >.< Have you done a review on the larger doll in the first pic? I'm considering purchasing one of the barbie sized one but I like to read reviews first! Thanks again for sharing this review :0
    Lydia's Dolls @

    1. Hi Lydia,
      Thank you! No I haven't done one of the 12 inch doll yet, but I would be glad to! Stay tuned. :)

  3. Great review on these two little action heros! I was thinking the same thing as you when I saw Supergirl's lips (looks like a 6 year old who applied her own lipstick!). They did a lot better job on the face up for Wonder Woman. All in all, they did a really nice job on these. The articulation is really good for a doll this size.

  4. Cute little dolls, thank you for the review!