Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Adora 15 inch Bath Babies

This year, for Christmas, I wanted to get the girls each a baby doll.  Little Button has a larger 15 in baby ("Big Baby") which she has loved since she was very small so I thought she would really enjoy something new to add to her little family .  
I am not quite ready to fork over the heftier price of an American Girl Bitty Baby so I thought I would purchase these ones from Adora.

Adora is a smaller doll company based out of Southern California.  I really like their website, which includes their mission, values and goals. 
They support a charity called the "inCourage foundation", which provides gift bags of toys to children that are admitted to pediatric hospitals in their area. 
Having spent some time as a pediatric RN, this really made me feel great about supporting this particular doll company. 
I wasn't able to find specific information about how much is donated or if their is a percentage donated per doll, but nonetheless, I thought these had the cutest faces out of all the babies I had looked at so that was another selling point for me.
(Have you ever walked down the baby isle in Walmart?  Scary.)

On Adora's website, there are dolls listed specifically for each age range.  They have soft dolls for babies under a year old, all the way up to 18 inch fashion dolls more suited for an older child. 
The particular doll that caught my eye were the BathTime Babies. 
Who can resist the cute animal towels!  Genius. 

Unfortunately, I was not impressed by the lack of diversity.
As you can see, there are only Caucasian babies to choose from.

These babies are advertised as 13 in dolls with vinyl heads, arms and legs.  Their bodies are cloth, but made out of a "Quikdri" material that is said to dry in "no time."  Really?  No time?

Cute face.  

The toes have very nice sculpting detail and the chubby little feet are pretty accurate to the rounded foot of a baby that we all love. 

The right and left hand are posed differently, one being an obvious thumb-sucking hand.

Out of the box, you can see she has an orange terry-cloth robe with a hood meant to look like an owl.  There is a pink robe belt and she also came with her own wash cloth, which I forgot to include in the photo.

Underneath the robe, she has a colorful and patterned "swimsuit" cloth body with a section of cloth shaped like a belly button.

There's a large seam the runs up her back and inside her body appear to be little beads, similar to what might be inside of a bean bag chair. 

Her eyes close when you lay her flat, which the girls really liked because they could put their babies to bed.

Her thumb also fits easily into her mouth.  Easy enough for a 2 year old to position and remove. 

This particular doll has rich brown "sleepy" eyes with flecks of amber around the pupil.  I was impressed by the depth and detail of her eyes. She also has plastic eyelashes on the top lid only on top of painted lashes on the upper and bottom lash lines.  Her hair is molded and has the faint coloring to suggest she's a brunette.

Glossy nails. 

Does anyone think of the Bee Gees when they look at this? 
This was the other baby we got.  She has blue eyes and is a blonde.  Dressed in her shark robe.  :)

I like the natural lip color and detailed sculpting of her lips.  Her brows are a bit on the crude side, but I doubt too many kids would notice or care.  Mine didn't!

I was happy to see that she was wearing a different patterned "suit" than the other one. 

Unfortunately this baby had a large gap along the back seam, which we didn't notice until she was in the tub and the beads started leaking out!  Nothing that couldn't be fixed with a needle and thread, though.

No babies were hurt in the making of this post.  

This is just creepy. 

Overall the girls have been having a great time with these dolls.  
Now, about that Quikdri thing....
In my experience, it seemed to take a good 24 hours for the cloth body to dry.  I would suggest making sure the doll is draped over something so it can dry completely otherwise it will develop a musty smell.
Not fun!

When not being drowned by my children, the babies can naturally float. :) 

Although my 3 year old loves her baby (and so does the 6 year old) she is still no match for the "Big Baby."

Overall, these dolls are cute and have sweet faces, but I am not sure they are really worth their price tag of nearly $40.  They are smaller than a Bitty Baby or other 15 inch doll which makes them a little less "realistic".  My sister-in-law still has her childhood Bitty Baby and she let the girls borrow her for a little while and they played with that one a lot more.  

The girls enjoy these dolls primary out of the water at this point.  They are very cute and old clementine boxes make perfect bassinets!

Ok, I guess they are really cute. :) xoxo

What do you guys think...did you have a Bitty Baby or think they were a big hit with any little girls in your life?  Did you have baby dolls growing up?  I don't think I did to be honest.  I can only remember having Barbies and stuffed animals.  
I am still thinking about maybe getting Little Button a Bitty Baby for Christmas (or when I end up getting Pumpkin Pie her first American Girl doll...not sure, though!) 

Anyway, thanks so much for stopping by and hope you're having a good week. 
My cough is getting better!! :)


  1. Those are super cute! I remember getting my first water baby doll :D Ahh, good times lol.

  2. I agree with you on some of the faces on the baby dolls, what are these companies thinking?! These are cute, I think it's an interesting idea, but that kind of stinks (literally and figuratively) that they take so darned long to dry. LOL at "disco baby"!

    I had a few baby dolls when I was a kid, but I wasn't that into them, I much preferred Barbie and similar sized dolls.

    1. Same here! Mine are much more into Barbie as well. I think kids just naturally love miniatures and smaller things, especially when you can change their outfits. :)

  3. Hello Farrah Lily,

    I'm glad your cough is better! I don't know much about the dolls hobby and collectibles, but these are quite nice. I hope the girls enjoy them!
    Big hug,

    1. Thank you Giac! They enjoyed them for a little while, but they are a bit bored of them by now. Occasionally they will feel inspired to play with them and they told me they weren't quite ready to donate them so they'll stay with us for now!
      Big hugs back :)

  4. Awww, really cute babies! My oldest daughter had an Asian Bitty Baby and she loved it! It went everywhere with us. She also loved getting the clothes for her and then she handed down the baby to her little sister. We still have the doll and her clothes.

    1. Hi Phyllis!
      I remember you mentioning that your daughter loved her Bitty Baby. :) I think being able to dress them up makes a huge difference! That is great that you have kept the doll...they are so well made and maybe if your daughter has a child someday, they can enjoy it too!

  5. Hello from Spain: lovely new doll. Great babies. Nice photos. Keep in touch

  6. They are really cute. I have my eye on Lee Middleton doll that I would love to add to my collection. Adora dolls are cute. If the girls love them, you can't go wrong.

    1. Hi Brini,
      They are cute, I agree! I'm glad I got them as the girls do occasionally "get their baby on" and really have a good time playing "Mommy" and house. We found a vintage old carriage that is perfect for my 3 year old's height so she's really loved pushing her around the house. :)

  7. The baby dolls look cute and I would imagine that they are fun for small children. I was surprised that a doll with an eye mechanism like that could be put under water!
    I didn't even realise that AG did baby dolls! I learn something new every day! Then again I really don't know much about AG dolls either and have never seen one in real life...I would like to see one but I don't want to buy one because I don't like the cloth body.
    As a child I had a Teeny Tiny Tears, I don't recall playing with her much though. I wasn't a dolly sort of girl, I loved playing on my bike and making 'camps'!!!! Oh how things have changed!
    Glad your cough has finally gone!
    Have a lovely weekend, hugs Sharon in Spain xx

    1. Hi Sharon!
      Yes, AG does make babies...these one are a little cuter (face wise) then the Bitty Babies in my opinion, but I like the size of the AG ones a little better! I just had to Google "Tiny Tears" babies and they were pretty cute. I wasn't a dolly girl either back there...crazy how the tides change!
      Have a great weekend as well! We're getting a hot and humid heat wave this weekend so I'll think of you in sunny Spain. :)

  8. Water dolls always worry me in terms of mildew, but these are quite cute! And I got a laugh from your comment about the disco pose as well. ;)

    1. Yes, I agree! One of them had that gross musty smell because It got left in their tote of bath toys and it definitely didn't "Quikdri". Glad you liked the disco pose! ;)

  9. These are cute baby dolls! I remember having a baby doll when I was little, before playing with Barbie dolls, but I don't remember what kind it was. PS: I posted my answers from the award :-). xx

  10. These are very sweet babies, but I would worry about mildew if the doll was not dried completely. I love the little toes and how detailed the nails are.

    As a girl (1970s) I had a new born baby tenderlove and an Effenbee 16" Victorian Doll (my favorite) and several hand sewn cloth dolls, as well as Barbie's and other fashion dolls. I played with them all! I was a little too old when American Girl dolls first hit the scene, but I love them today and own several - for my daughter - ahem.

  11. Yeah, that mildew thing is for real...I have definitely encouraged them to just keep them as "dry babies" for that same reason! I was pretty disappointed with these dolls for that reason!
    I googled both of the dolls you said you had when you were younger..the Baby Tenderlove definitely looks familiar! I also now own a few AG dolls and I'm glad I have 2 daughters to use as an excuse! ;)

  12. Have you looked at the Via-e doll? This is a new 18" (approx) doll that is articulated but has a full plastic body and is supposed to be fine to put into water. However, the adora dolls have beautiful faces and look like they will be a lot of fun.

    1. Hi Carrickters!
      Yes, I've heard of the Via-e doll...but I had forgotten about them so thanks for reminding me! I love their ariculated bodies, but there is something about their faces that is a little off-putting to me so I probably won't get one, lol. I agree, the Adora ones are just so cute. :)
      Thanks for the comment!

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