Thursday, February 5, 2015

Hat-Tastic Cerise Hood-Ever After High

Today's post is about my favorite Ever After High character, Cerise Hood. 
This is Hat-Tastic Cerise Hood who was part of a wave of dolls that were released after the original wave and a few others first came out.  

I purchased mine at Walmart, but she can also be found here on Amazon: 

This wave (called The Hat-Tastic Tea Party) consists of Cerise Hood, Madeline Hatter, Apple White,  Briar Beauty and Cedar Wood as well as Maddie's tea table playset.  Here is a link to all of the dolls in this release (just click on the Tea Party one.)  

I wanted to start off by sharing a quick photo shoot I did during one of my walks outside during my lunch break. :)  I think she looks especially striking against the snow and duller colors of winter. 

Now onto the review.  Here's a look at her still in her packaging.
I thought she looked quite cute in her packaging and at the time I bought her, I was actually looking for the original Cerise, but she was out of stock at the time, so I grabbed this one instead.

Hat-Tastic Cerise Hood

Here's a look at everything she comes with.
She comes with a dress (all one piece), black belt, fishnet knee stockings, big black boots, a black purse, two black cuff bracelets (although I could only find one for the photo,) silver earrings, a headband and a necklace as well as a teapot and two tea cups.

UPDATE:  I actually found a photos I took of the necklace. :)  Originally, when I first posted this, I didn't include it, so here it is if you are interested.  I had removed it originally to keep it away from little fingers and forgot to include in it this review.  You can also see what the necklace looks like from the next photo above of where she's still in the box.  :)

One side of the purse has red paint, while the other side is all black. 

Here's a closer look at her purse, tea set, bracelet and earrings.  
If you look closely, one earing is a teacup and the other one is a tea pot pouring tea into a tea cup. 

The tea pot is actually two pieces and the top comes off and the tea cups attach to the red saucers, which is a really nice, interactive feature of this set.  

Her hair is quite longer than I expected from watching her character on the webisodes.  For some reason, I was expecting shorter hair under that hood.  It was fairly straight when I de-boxed her, but I had kept it braided so the little girls could hold her and occasionally (when I have to bribe them with something) play with her.  At some point, I will probably do a boil rinse to straighten it again.

The rooting and thickness of her hair is actually really good.  She has much better hair, in my opinion,  than the Apple White doll I have.

Below is a look at the original Cerise Hood.  As you can see, there are quite a few differences.  This new one's eye makeup is much softer (daytime look-tea party!) than her original smokey eyes. Hat-tastic's lips are painted a glossy candy-apple red while original Cerise has more of a neutral lip.
Hat-tastic's eye color also looks a tad bit bluer.

Original Cerise Hood

I think I prefer original Cerise's makeup.  What do you guys think? 

Yikes, look at all of that

Here she is next to a few of our other 12 inch dolls.  The girls were with me and Pumpkin Pie asked if I could include Rapunzel in part of the photo shoot :)

Walk like an Egyptian. 

Coloring-wise, she is pretty similar to our Monster High Cleo doll, but I was surprised to see she was a bit taller than Cleo.  Cleo always seemed to me to be one of the tallest in the MH crew so it's funny to see her so petite here.

I don't think Cleo likes being the little one. 
She's a little lighter than our Liv Alexis doll (who I just found in Ebay for $7 :):))

I was also curious to see if she could share clothes with La Dee Da (Garden Party) Sloan.

She is much darker than Apple White, of course, but size-wise, she's the same height.  Apple pretty much blends into my background in this photo.

In this photo, you can clearly see the differences in their faces.  Cerise has thicker browns, differently positioned eyeslashes and a different shaped nose.   I think her lips are a tiny bit fuller as well.

I never realized how angular Cleo's face mold is.  She looks quick fierce here.  Cerise looks sweet. 

They decided to switch outfits.  They both really thought this was funny. 
Time to try out the tea!

Friends, at least for now.  :) 

 "Grrrr,  now give me back my clothes!" 

Surprisingly, she can share clothes with La Dee Da Sloan.  Girly.  Not her usual style, but it's always nice to be girly every once in a while.  ;}

Ew, am I wearing plaid??

Cerise and Cleo can share close nicely, although Cerise has a slightly larger waist. 

Uh, you expect me to drink this? 
Cleo can be difficult to work with. 

Hat-tastic Cerise and Monster High Lorna McNessie

These two, on the other hand, hit it off right away.  They both look amazing in each other's outfits.  Both share a love of plaid .  And probably shortbread.

I love this doll.
I love original Cerise a tiny bit more, but I am glad to have this one in my collection as well.  She's really fun to play with, has manageable hair and can share clothes with a lot of other popular doll lines.  I recommend her, for sure.
I hope you enjoyed the review and winter-y woods photo-shoot and once again, thank you for stopping by. :}

See you soon!  xo

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  1. After having seen the photos, also I think that the original Cerise is more beautiful.. her make-up is more delicate. ;)

    1. I completely agree, Nyu! I got Hat-Tastic first and loved her, but when I got the original Cerise, I really fell in love with that one. Thanks so much for leaving a comment and the new follow! :)

  2. You know, I think you're right that the painting on the original looks better, but I love the look of the red highlights so much that I think I prefer this version.

    1. Yeah,it's pretty cool that by changing a small think like highlights and softening the eye makeup, she appears so different! I agree, the red highlights are really pretty against her dark hair. :)

  3. Cute accessories she comes with!

    1. I know! I love how the teapot lid comes off and you can take the cups off of the saucers. I think it was a really nice detail they added to the set. :)

  4. I love your photoshoot out in the snow! She looks lovely!

    1. Thank you, Anna. :) Taking photos of the dolls outside is definitely my favorite thing about being a collector!

  5. Nice review! A lot of my friends crave for this doll and your note's gonna be so helpfull for them.
    The original Cerise reminds me of a cat, while the second one - an owl :P Both are cute, but if I were to choose I wouldn't hesitate a moment and grab the original one

    1. Thanks so much Stary...Zgred :) I appreciate your kind words! I love the cat/owl analogy and I have to agree! The original Cerise was made in China so she has a slightly different mold than some of the other Cerise's I've seen. I threw out my box on Hat-Tastic before I noticed if she was made in China or Indonesia, but I think you're right...she does have a more birdlike appearance. :)

  6. So cute! Have you heard the song "Thinking out loud"? You should check it out!

    1. Hi Anonymous! Are you talking about the song by Ed Sheeran? If so, YES. I love that song-it's one of my favorites right now. :) Thanks for the comment!

  7. Wow I love the photos of her in the snow! That red is so stunning! Also great detailed review!! i really love your blog :D

    1. Thank you so much Lydia!!! I really appreciate your comment and the nice feedback. I agree, the red looked so nice outside in the dull, muted tones of the winter woods. :)

  8. Your photographs are quite good. You pose them so that they seem to actually be alive. I am someone who sells collectibles, not a collector (though I do still love dolls) and was just researching. I certainly enjoyed your page!

    1. Thank you so much for leaving such a nice comment and your sweet words, Judy! :)