Monday, January 26, 2015

Flashback-A Summer Hike

Sorry for the un-seasonal photos, but I am still catching up from summer!  Eek!  I never thought I would get so behind in my blogging, but life just seems so busy around here and my photos have a mind of their own.  

Looking at this lush, late summer greenery is making me so excited for Spring (which is no where near coming to my neck of the woods) and the irony of what is actually going on outside now (blizzard) is just making me smile.  ;}

On this particular day, hubby and I were celebrating our 6th wedding anniversary.  Originally we were going to take a 2 day camping trip to a beach state park in Connecticut, but with our recent move to the Farm and getting our old house rent-ready, we had to cancel at the last minute.

Fortunately my mom was able to watch the girls so we could take a little day hike trip to one of our favorite places, the Huyck Preserve and Biological Station.

It was a gorgeous, warm, sunny day.  We had such a nice hike.  The last time I had been here, I was about 36 weeks pregnant with Little Button, so not too much hiking was taking place!

It's always so beautiful to reach the top of the falls and look down.  It's a perspective that you don't see often and I always like to take a few minutes to take it in.

The water was a bit low so there were big piles of smooth and mossy rocks everywhere. 

This is usually a stream right here.
At the end of the hike, we reached a calm, serene lake.
I did some jumps for joy :)

No kids!!!

We were the only people around.  So good. 

After two solid months of winter weather I am so longing for the blues and greens of summer. I hope you enjoyed this quick flashback to a late August outing.  Nothing too glamorous over here! ;)

Right now there is a HUGE winter storm going on my our area.   I'm pretty sure school will be canceled, so hoping for a bit of a sleep in for us all.  I am just so thankful to work from home.

I'm not going to lie..I was in my pajama's all day today and probably will be again tomorrow, too.
Stay warm!  xo


  1. Hi Farrah, I hope the storm passes quickly! I don't mind un-seasonal pictures at all, it's so great to see these sunny and beautiful photos :-). xx

  2. Thank you, mucho Night Owl :) It' was kind of a joke when we all woke up, as they were predicting 8-12 inches of snow, but we barely got an inch! I guess they got it a bit wrong. ;) xo