Friday, October 12, 2018

Summer Wrap Up

Oh, you know it...summer wrap up here we come.  Always a little late as is my style. :)   I had attempted to start a personal blog (Sitting By the Creek) last year to write such posts, but it quickly became clear that not only could I NOT keep up with one blog, I definitely couldn't keep up with two blogs!  I've made the decision to stop posting there and just add a personal/seasonal post every so often here on my doll blog just to make life a little easier.

Below are some photos from our summer here in Upstate NY and I hope you enjoy!  

This year we celebrated Pumpkin Pie's 9th birthday!  She was only 5 when I started this blog and very much into dolls and toys.  Now she's a "big kid" and loves art, sports and music.  I can still catch her playing in the doll room once and in a while, but my little pumpkin pie is growing up!

Here's Pumpkin Pie and me on her birthday. :)  
She's such a wonderful, sweet, senstive girl and extremely creative!  
As you can see, after 20 yrs of coloring my hair, I'm letting my natural hair color grow out and it's pretty streaky with silver! 

Next we celebrated Little Button's graduation from Kindergarten.  The kids performed a bunch of cute songs and had a little "diploma ceremony" and it was so sweet.  I was a little emotional about it as she's "the baby" of the family and already all done with Kindergarten!  The time is flying, just like everyone told me it would.

Shortly after we celebrated Little Button's 6th birthday.  So many birthdays, so many celebrations!  So many tears from Mommy!  I'm a mush, it's bad.
Her big gift this year was a Fin Fun mermaid tail, which she adored.  I can't say I blame her as I would LOVED one of those tails when I was little.  Heck I would love one now! :D
This kid is an absolute joy and your typical "second child."  Funny, laid back and completely present in the moment.  I can't believe she's 6 already!!

In mid-summer we took our yearly family vacation to Long Lake, NY, which is a cozy little town in the Adirondacks.  My grandfather was born and raised there so my mom and her siblings have been going there every summer for ages!  I grew up going there and now my kids are growing up here as well.

It's a very special place for us to all get together and see my mom's side of the family that we don't see very often.

This was my nephew's first time joining us!  My brother and his wife shared a cabin with the girls and I (hubby stays home and enjoys a relaxing week to himself, haha) so it was lots of fun spending more time with this adorable child!

We always try to visit the neighboring lake, Lake Eaton as the water is really shallow and the scenery is stunning.

Even though it's always sad to leave the Adirondacks, it's wonderful to back to the farm.  That's one thing I love so much about living here.  It's never hard to come back.

Next up was fair season. 

Before we knew it, summer was over and the girls went back to school.  I'm ALWAYS sad to see summer go as I just don't feel like it's long enough, but we were quite spoiled with a gorgeous, sunny, hot summer this year so I feel like I can't even complain!

Autumn is in full swing now and life has picked up again.  I'm trying to find happiness in the little day-to-day things and relish the little pockets of time I can sneak away to myself.

I hope you all are having a great Autumn and looking forward to all of the cozy holidays up ahead.

xoxo Farrah 


  1. It must be fun for your daughters, growing up on a farm! The time does go by fast, but it's fun to see them grow up and make their own lives, too. My eldest daughter's first wedding anniversary is at the end of this month!

    Your fair pictures look like fun. I've always loved amusement park rides.

    Autumn is my favorite time of year, and I'm already planning stuff for the holidays, too. Thanks for checking in.

    1. Thanks, Barb! It definitely is fun to see them grow up and I keep realizing that their no use "hanging on" to the early years because there will be good and fun in ALL the years, just have to notice it. :) I'm glad you're enjoying Autumn. The month of October is always really nice. I saw that we may get snow next Sunday though and I'm not ready for that!! :)

  2. Hi Farrah!
    I'm glad you are posting things like this, I find the photos and personal notes interesting, and it sort of makes one feel like one's having a chat with a friend. :)
    Loved the photos of you with the girls and don't worry about the streaks of silver . . . silver hair is very trendy at the present and I have actually had my tips dyed that colour.
    We are well into spring now and we've been having a few more sunny days in a row which has been wonderful for my mojo. I'm glad your summer lasted, I hope when ours arrives it lasts too!
    Big hugs,

    1. Thanks, X! I'm so glad you enjoy these type of posts as I like seeing other people's "check in" posts as well. It's always fun to learn more about the collector/blogger and put a face to the name. Thanks for the boost about the silver hair! :) Ahhh, Spring must be so pretty where you are. Enjoy the sunshine!

  3. What a lovely post Farrah, I really enjoyed seeing what you and your sweet girls have been up to. Belated happy birthdays to the pair of them, they are growing so fast.
    You are very brave letting your silver hairs come through, but I have to say they look great, not aging like mine would be I'm sure....if I were as brave as you ;) I keep having mine covered up, every six weeks, I just cannot bring myself to let them out on their own yet :D
    I agree with Xanadu above, this type of post really is like a chat with a friend, or a newsy letter from someone that we don't see all that often but love to hear from all the same.
    Have a great Autumn, and hopefully a 'not too bad' winter.
    Big hugs Sharon xx

    1. Thanks, Sharon! Thank you for such a lovely comment. I'm so glad you enjoy these types of posts (I do too) and you always say such sweet things about the girls. They still have their fans from Spain! :)
      About the gray, I'm about a year in and I've definitely had some days where I don't want to do it anymore. Sometimes when I catch myself in the mirror or see a photo of this two toned mess, I think "why am I doing this???". I decided to at least grow it all the way out (getting a shoulder length cut tomorrow!) and then decide. In a way, it's very "freeing and liberating"! I've been coloring my hair for about 20 yrs and I'm getting sick of it. I bet you would look fabulous with your natural hair. Half the fun of growing it out is seeing what it will look like! I've also found a lot of support and inspiration from groups on Instagram and Facebook as I could definitely not to this alone!
      I hope you are enjoying the sunshine over there in Spain :)

  4. What beautiful photos of your family! Enjoy each day! I love reading your posts but rarely comment. lol