Thursday, June 21, 2018

New Barbie Fashionistas! (#100 and #102)

Hi everyone!!! 
It's been a while, guys, I know.  I'm not going to elaborate why, you know the drill from the intro to almost every other post I've written.  #sobusy ;) 

So recently, I found these 2 lovely Barbie Fashionistas at my local Walmart.  I had known about #102 and had her on my Amazon wishlist, but I didn't know about #100!  I was excited to see them both and they appear to be from a set of 4 dolls that are being released with an extra outfit.
The blonde Barbie was also there, but I haven't come across the Asian one yet.

They each retailed for about $14.99 if I recall.

Barbie Fashionista #100 (Daisy Love) 

There was only 1 of each at the store, so I didn't get to "pick the best one" like I usually prefer, but luckily, they both looked pretty good.

Here she is with everything included.  I stripped her down so you could see that she has the basic 5 points of articulation that is standard with the Fashionistas and is of average height.  Luckily, the hips and shoulders extend out as well as back and forth.

 Barbie Fashionista #100 Daisy Love

Outfit #1
Black sunglasses, blue dress, yellow necklace and silver shoes. 

Her dress is a gorgeous shade of blue with a sheer skirt and pink skirt underneath. 
It's all one piece and velcros in the back. 

Her shoes are silver loafers and I love the detailed tassels and overall shape of these shoes. 

Unfortunately, I forgot to take a photo of her orange purse, but you can see it in the 4th photo (nothing too special).

Outfit # 2. 

Outfit #2 is adorable!  I can't get over those scalloped edge shorts in such a lovely spring yellow color!  The crop top satin shirt is lovely as well what with the tiny little daisies and all.  The yellow flower necklace may be a bit much for this outfit, but it still works.

Both peices velcro in the back.  As you can see, the shorts are not hemmed, but the material feels fairly sturdy.

This doll has awesome hair.  I love the color and curls!
Also, I wanted to note that she did not have those plastic ties in her hair!  That was something I was really happy to see.

She has the Goddess facemold and I've seen a few other photos of this doll and some seem to have longer faces (which is typical of the Goddess mold I've noticed). I'm not sure if mine is different as it appears rounder, but I think she's really pretty regardless!
Her eyes are hazel and she has beautiful freckles!

Overall, she's a keeper and definitely one of my favorite new Fashionistas for 2018!
We've renamed her Zahra.

Here's a quick Made to Move skin tone comparison.  I would love to get her onto a Yellow Top as I think that's the best match, but Gabby is easier to find these days!
I have others in line waiting for Gabby's body so Zahra will have to wait a little bit before getting her new articulation.
Not to get off topic, but the lack of Made to Move bodies in alternate skin tones is ridiculous right now.  I could go on and on, but that deserves it's own post. Ha!

Next up is the lovely Fashionista #102 (Bon Voyage).  

I have had my eye on her for months on Amazon, so I was surprised to actually see her in the store.

Bon Voyage is a curvy gal and here is all that she comes with as well. 

She's very sophisticated and I love everything about her (except her lack of articulation, of course.)

The strip pattern in the back is interesting.  To me, it looks a little sloppy, but I know virtually nothing about fashion, so maybe this is good?

She has some cute molded details on her beach bag. If this had been a teeny tiny real wicker bag, I would've died.

As an alternative look, I pulled the skirt down a little (it doesn't close in the back in this position, though) to show off her curves.

She's cute. 

Outfit # 2 is a floral one piece romper.  
I found it interesting to note, both dolls were dressed in florals.  

The romper goes on like a real romper would as there is no velcro on this piece.  The back is tied up in a simple black ribbon.

She also comes with a gold bangle bracelet. 

Her shoes are awesome, but I'm not a fan of how the heels collapse under her weight. 

Looking good from the front. 

Here you can see how cute her gold sunnies are.  (And you can see me, too!) 

She has the Mbili (aka Grace) mold and it's definitely one of my favorite Barbie face molds.  This is the first time I've seen it on a lighter skinned doll.
Her make up is lovely and I'm loving her shiny golden hair styled in a high bun off to the side.

We've since renamed her "Amanda".  :)

Overall, I really love Amanda and I like both outfits.  I like that she came with 2 outfits as now I have more outfit choices for my curvy gals.

Here's a Made to Move comparison if you were interested giving her more articulation.  I tend to leave my Curvy Barbies on their own bodies because they're unique (and I was never able to get a Curvy MTM!) but I think she is the closest to AA Soccer Barbie. The newer redhead is also a pretty close match.

All in all, I am in love with both of these new dolls.  I think the quality of the doll and clothing is pretty good.  I'll always be disappointed by the lack of articulation when it comes to the Fashionista line, but I think the beautiful faces and hair make up for it.

What do you guys think?  I know some of you don't collect Barbie, but do you have a favorite out of the two?

It's good to be writing a blog post again!
I've been a little wrapped up in making videos for my YT channel, but I think I like doing blog stuff a little better.  Maybe I'll eventually ditch the videos and just come back here instead!  I have so many posts sitting in "draft form" and so many things to update you all on!

If interested, I did make a video of this one as well:

See you next time! What have you guys been collecting or excited about lately??

xoxo Farrah


  1. Thank you for the reviews! I really like both these dolls, it is always great to see owner pics, especially of the extra outfits. Thank you for taking the time to photograph and share. I will definitely keep an eye out for these two!

    1. Thank you for your lovely comment and I'm glad you found the post useful! I hope you find them in stores soon!! :)

  2. These two are mega-gorgeous. Have you seen the chick with the blonde Afro yet? I've been looking for her.

    1. Yes! I've seen her promo photos, but not "in the wild" yet. I actually haven't seen any of the other "wave 2" fashionistas for this year in store yet, except these two. I hope they show up soon as I much prefer to buy them in person so I can get a good face. :)

  3. #100 is very unique! I might have to add #102 to my collection, and possibly rebody her. I already have enough curvy bodies that I want to put on Made to Move bodies, when they come out in the right shade.

    I've gotten interested in Ever After High again! I still see more creativity potential in the dolls, although I'm not having much success in face repainting. I still need to practice a lot more, though.

    1. Hi Barb! That's great that you have rekindled the EAH spark. I really want to get mine out and fix them up again. I still hesitate because my youngest loves to get into them and it drives me crazy, lol. I figure in a few more years I can safely display them!

  4. I love these Barbies. The dress on #100 is gorgeous. The color is so pretty.

  5. Thank You for sharing the Barbies. They are lovely. I like the yellow shorts with the scalloped edges. Enjoy the Barbies.

    1. Thank you very much. I love the shorts as well! :)

  6. Hi Farrah!
    So good to see you back posting again and congratulations regarding your new arrivals. I'm not a Barbie collector, but these two look quite lovely and I'm sure they will fit right in with your collection. :)

    1. Thanks, X! I'm glad you enjoyed the post, even though you don't collect a barbie. :-). I'm hoping to share a collection post of my Barbies one of these days. I need to catch up on your blog as well. How is your Autumn/winter going down there in NZ? We finally have our sunny skies again!

  7. Extra outfits are always a plus! Flower patterns are really fashionable now and the girls know it! :)
    I especially like that curvy girl you have here! Now I only need her in Made to move version.
    I also wondered if they could combine petite and curvy into one doll. :) That would be a a doll I'd want in Made to move version, too. with hair and eyes this curvy gal here has.
    I'm soooooo modest:D

    1. Yes! Petite and curvy as well as tall and curvy would be great (and all MTM bodies, lol. I would even be happy if they went back to bendable wrists and knee s in general! ). Haha, love the modesty! :-)

  8. Nice doll but they really need to put them on MTM! I like the silver flats too!

  9. Two very pretty girls, I think I prefer the curvier girl but it was hard to decide. So they come with two outfits? I didn't realise this. Do they all come with two or just these newer releases? I went to Toys R Us today and they had some different girls and boys but I don't know if they're the new releases or just the old ones that I'd not seen before. There was a very pale skinned boy, I think he was supposed to be Asian. I also saw some different MTM girls, one was a skier, another had batons or something to twirl and there was a third but I can't remember what she was doing....ah I think she was a footballer...yes, I'm sure of it now. I didn't buy anything but was surprised that our TRU seemed to have more stuff this time. I wondered if maybe they're taking in stuff that's not sold in the other country's stores that have shut down. LOL!


    1. Yes, maybe they are! Our TRU has officially close, I believe, although I haven't been back in that area since late April, so I'm not sure. I love the MTMs, but am disappointed about the lack of availability of the different skin tones. They seem to have very limited releases. As for the Fashionistas, they usually come in. A single pack with the outfit they are wearing, but each year they release about 4 "deluxe" that come with an extra outfit. :-). Thanks for reading and commenting! It's always nice to hear from you. Xx

  10. I wonder if there is somewhere some sort of Fashionista catalog where all the girls can be looked up
    I couldn't find anything like it so I startes to put one together.

    1. That's great that you are making your own guide for Fashionistas! I agree, it would be nice if there was an easy to look at catalog showing all the dolls made to date.

    2. It's still beeing worked on (mainly the earlier ones and the doubles I don't understand) but here it is:

    3. Wow, it looks grat so far!!

  11. I love the curly red hair on that first doll. I'm a little afraid to pick up any of the Fashionistas since I'm trying to clear out (I'm about to move again), because it seems like it could turn into an endless collection. But it's always tempting! :)

    1. I hear you on that..for some reason I didn't see this comment until now (I'm sorry!) I'm also trying to be very selective about new dolls that I buy as I just have too much. Like way too much! I am currently sorting through my fashionistas now and I'm trying to part with some. I can only imaging the stress of having to move every few years so wishing you the best of luck!