Thursday, July 6, 2017

June Birthdays and Collection Updates

Hi everyone!
I hope you all had a fantastic 4th of July if you celebrate and are enjoying this summer season so far. :)

I haven't done a "personal post" in so long it seems.  I used to really enjoy writing them, but of course, life is moving at a faster pace now that the girls are getting older and our days are filled to the brim with all sorts of activity!  Life's crazy busy, but everything is great, so no complaints, ha!

This month both of the girls had birthdays.  Pumpkin Pie turned 8 and Little Button turned 5 and it felt like Christmas all over again, hehe, but at least I have another 6 months to save for the next round, lol.

Pumpkin Pie age 8

Little Button age 5

They are such good girls and so much fun at this age!!

Summer is definitely in full swing and this month we've been very busy it seems! They days are flying by.
Pumpkin Pie finished up 2nd grade and Little button is all done with Pre-K!
When I started this blog, the girls were only 5 and 2 and I can't believe how the time has flown.

Last day of school :) 

I'm coming up on my 3rd "blogiversary" this month and it's been so much fun getting to know you all. Some of you have been with me since that first year!  I feel like blogging, in general, has slowed down a bit since I started, especially in terms of the amount of people that read or follow blogs (Instagram seems to be taking over), but I still really love this space and hope to continue for a while.

In these 3 years, my most popular post was one I did very early on and it was a review for the Sparkle Girlz.  It is BY FAR, my most viewed post and I never in a million years would've expected that one to be it!

Sparkle Girlz Dolls

As for my collecting, I am happy to report that I have slowed down with the volume of dolls I have been bringing in. Now that I am motivated to clean up and de-clutter my doll room, I've come across some dolls/toys that I finally feel ready to part with.  I'm realizing that there is definitely an "emotional component" to doll collecting and the buying part triggers a feeling in me that is really satisfying, but sometimes, once the doll is around for a while, I don't really care about it anymore, but I still don't want to get rid of it yet.
Sometimes the thrill is more in the buying than it is of the having.  I had been getting attached to these dolls, but not really doing anything with them so I need to learn to let go!

I'm making an effort now to "thin" the herd (for real this time!) and to focus and decide on the types of dolls I want to collect.  I love a lot of different things, but having a focus will be really helpful for me

I still really love American Girl, Disney and Barbie/Liv.
Since AG stuff is so pricey, I just get a little at a time and it's really enjoyable when I do make an American Girl purchase as it's not very often. :)

American Girl Truly Me #59 (Greta)

I don't collect a TON of Disney stuff, but what I do have, I love.  Every once in a while I will add something new like a Classic Doll, mug, piece of art, etc.  I love the Limited Edition dolls, but I can pretty much only pick 1 or 2  per year as they are pricey as well.  I've also started collecting the Enesco Couture Figures, which are gorgeous.  

Disney Vinyl Tsum Tsums

Ever After High is pretty much over for me and I have all that I want in terms of that line.  I have many still in box, so I need to go through those and donate/sell what I really don't need.

Monster High is also fading out as far as the new stuff.  Every once in a while, they seem to come out with a nice articulated doll, but their focus now seems to be geared towards a younger population and those unarticulated, minimally dressed dolls don't interest me..  Every once in a while, I'll buy an older one from eBay, though as I still love them and there are a few of the reboots and older ones that I still would like to collect.

Monster High Isi Dawndancer 

Barbie is still going strong for me because I love their Fashionista line and they are beautiful and affordable! I can't wait to start seeing the new dolls in store so I can start getting them. They are my treat after grocery shopping! ;)

Barbie Fashionista Terrific Teal (Erin) 

Even though some doll lines are coming to an end for me, there is still so much to enjoy and collect. :) 

Overall, the doll room is coming along and I'll do an update soon! It's amazing how much a coat of paint can help brighten up a space.

How about you guys?  How long have you been blogging?
Was there something you used to collect that you lost interest in and moved on from?
If you are a Barbie collector, do you have any predictions on which Fashionistas are going to be harder to find this season?
Is there anything from the new American Girl release that you are going to get?

Well, it's been nice catching up.  I skipped my exercise workout to finish this blog post, whoops. so I better be off to bed (and I better skip the snack, lol.)
See you next time!

xoxo Farrah


  1. Hello Farrah Lily! Happy birthday to both Little Button and Pumkin Pie!
    It happens to me aswell that, sometimes, I think that a blog post is not that good and the pics are bad, but I receive lots of visits and comments, and in other posts that I'm super-proud of or that I put a lot of effort, people don't seem to care.
    If you are curious, I've been blogging since 2013, but I didn't post in almost a year because I started both working and studying, and somehow I didn't feel like writting. As you can tell by my nickname, I started collecting Monster High dolls, but I'm not interested in them anymore since the reboot. Also, Ever After High is pretty much dead by now, which is sad, because it was a really pretty line and the dolls had detailed designs.
    My prediction about Barbie Fashionistas being hard to find... definitely the Kira one, as well as the afro hair girl and the man bun Ken.

    Love to hear from you.


    1. Thank you for your comment, MC, and thanks for the extended birthday wishes for the girls. They will be happy to know that someone in "blogland" was thinking of them. :) Yeah, it's funny how it works out with blog posts. I have found out that it's fun to just write for ourselves and if others enjoy it, then great!
      I can imagine how blogging can be very difficult when you are going to school AND working at the same time. There's just not a lot of time left in the day!
      Yes, it's a little disappointing that the Monster High and Ever After High eras are slowing down (EAH might be completely done..I think you're right.), but for me, it's ok because I couldn't keep up with the volume before!
      Thanks for your thoughts about the fashionistas..I'll be sure to pick up man-bun and Kira if I see them! I already grabbed Tropi-cutie as she was finally available on Amazon!

  2. Hello Farrah,
    Happy anniversary. As long as you keep blogging I'll keep visiting! What wonderful pictures. Happy belated birthday to those lovely little ladies... (I did that same jump the last day of school every year!). Those are some fantastic dolls. I especially like the Monster High dolls...what great costumes and accessories.
    Big hug

    1. Thanks Giac! You always leave the nicest comments on everyone's blogs. I'm pretty sure I always did the "end of school" jump as well. Summer is so much more fun! I'm glad you enjoyed the doll pics and best of luck with your dollhouse plans for the rest of the summer!
      Big hug back xo

  3. Happy blogging anniversary to you and happy belated birthday to your girls. I enjoy reading your posts and seeing your photos. I hope you keep doing it for more years. I think sometimes our doll tastes change and sometimes the doll companies make changes so the dolls are no longer what we like - as with the new Monster High dolls. Of course, we have to remember that when it comes to playline dolls, we are not the companies' target market so we won't always like any changes they make.

    1. Hi Carrickters,
      I agree with you that we are sort of at the mercy for what is popular with kids since the majority of doll buyers are parents. I'm ok with the changes with MH and EAH since there are still older ones that I am happy to collect secondhand. I'm so happy you enjoy my posts and thank you!

  4. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY PUMPKIN PIE and LITTLE BUTTON. Wishing you a year of happiness and blessings. I enjoy your post. You have a nice variety of dolls.

  5. Happy Blogaversary! This month is three years for me as well. It's fun seeing how things turn out, isn't it? Like you, the posts that have been the most popular have been complete surprises.

    Love that photo of the bleeding hearts, gorgeous! I remember the one we used to have, my grandmother planted it many years ago. Not sure what happened, but one year it just didn't grow for some reason.

    1. Thanks, Flo! The bleeding hearts were over at my aunt's house and I love them too. The girls were in awe that they looked like tiny hearts. I need to plant some at my house sometime as well. :)

  6. Happy anniversary Farrah and a belated birthday hugs to the girls! I've been blogging about dolls for four and a half years, but I had a different blog before which dated back to 2009. I agree blogging doesn's seem to be as popular as it once was, but I'll be here for a long time to come as it's the only form of social media I really enjoy.

    I also somewhat agree that "the thrill is more in the buying than it is of the having" that's why I don't leave mine in boxes. I enjoy being able to see them, pick them up, to sew/knit and photograph them. However, I do have on the odd occasion, a reason to sell one and when that happens, I try to do it quickly before I change my mind. LOL!


    1. I'm glad you'll be here for a while too, X! I really enjoy blogs as well. They are so much more personal than instagram. YouTube is ok, but sometimes I get sick of doll reviews in videos as I like the person story behind collecting better.
      I'm currently working on deboxing ALL my dolls (well most of them) in order to make more room and I'm really excited about freeing them! I think it's great that you do so much with your dolls. :)

  7. Pumpkin Pie and Button wishing you a HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY. Have a wonderful year of happiness and blessings.

  8. Firstly a belated but very big happy birthday to the girls, how they have grown and such pretty girls too :) Love the mermaid tail by the way!
    I can completely relate to the feeling of 'not being able to let go' as I have had that a lot with my dolls. I don't do anything with some of the dolls but I cannot bear to part with them in case I miss them if I do sell! Which is crazy as then they just continue to gather dust. I have just the BJDs that I want now, except for one who has been up for sale for a while but not going anywhere.
    For me the thrill is in the 'research' into a doll that I've seen, I love all the searching for photos, opinions from owners, etc etc etc but then often if I do order the doll, the fun is short lived. I have found that other doll collectors are like this too, the thrill being in that new doll feeling, which sadly only lasts a shortish time in some circumstances.
    I hadn't a clue how long I'd been blogging but just had a look and it's....almost 6 years to the day!!!! I never realised it was that long. 17th July 2011! Perhaps I should be celebrating!
    Enjoy the rest of your summer!
    Hugs Sharon in Spain x

    1. Thank you,, 6 years is pretty amazing! Yes, you should be celebrating. :) It's nice to hear your thoughts and feelings regarding collecting. I also enjoy researching or discovering a new doll through blogs and Flickr. I also like the hunting down process and the ordering. So many aspects of collecting really are fun. You have an amazing collection and I love that you sew for your dolls and customize them. They really seem to have their own personalities!
      Thank you for the sweet birthday wishes for the girls. They still play with those fans you sent them!!! Their "Spanish" fancy fans. :) xo