Saturday, November 14, 2015

October Doll Haul

Hello everyone! 
I'm a bit behind in my blogging this month as I've made more of a conscious effort to spend more time in the evening with Hubby.  I have gotten into the habit of doing all of my bloggy stuff after the kids go to bed and I was starting to miss how we used to watch TV together, have snacks and just hang out when it's just the two of us. 
I have realized that I have to blog at the best time that is convenient to everyone in the family...not just me. :) At the moment, it is from 5:30am until 6:15am when I get my daughter up for school!  Ahhhh well...if you are up at that time in the morning, think of me with my coffee pouring through doll and nature photos, lol. ;) 

Anyway, I'm sure if you are a fellow blogger with a family, you can relate!

I wanted to share with you guys our new doll/toy additions for the month of October.  I found some really nice sales this month and added some dolls I have wanted for a while as well as some "on a whim" purchases like the two new Disney Deluxe dolls.  (I felt a little bit of "buyers remorse" on those due to the steep price tags and I have to be better about saving..I really do!!) 

Here is my doll haul video as well as a few still shots.  

I still very much like collecting Monster and Ever After High.  I am too afraid to get one of the higher end dolls like Integrity Toys, Hot Toys or any additional Tonners because I don't want to get hooked!  :)

Marisol Coxi:

Gigi Grant (signature): NIB Ebay 

Frets Quartsmane:

Kitty Cheshire (signature): (now only $12!)

Fayebelle Thorn (signature): (now only $12!)

Cerise Hood (Enchanted Picnic):

Raven Queen (Enchanted Picnic):

Blondie Locks (Enchanted Picnic):

Fashionista (Red Ruffles):

Dolls not pictured: 
Aery Evenfall:

Rapunzel Deluxe Feature Doll (16in):
Ariel Deluxe Feature Doll (16in):

Lalaloopsy Mini Blind Bags: Walmart
MLP Blind Bag (series 13): Lavendar Fritter (Walmart)
MLP Apple Bloom and Sweetie Babs Figure Pack:
Care Bear Blind Bags (series 2): Cheer Bear and Share Bear Walmart

Overall it was a great month of toy collecting.  I am expecting things to wind down for the next few months as we get through the holidays, but if I see a good sale, it's very hard to resist! 

I hope you are all having a great weekend and thanks for stopping by! 

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  1. Fun stuff!!! My favorites this time were the Ever-After High dolls, I love their faces. Still resisting though!

    I hear you on the trying not to get carried away, especially with the holidays approaching, but those darned retailers! I have a hard time resisting a good sale and of course they always bring out new stuff to tempt you. Just yesterday the hubby and I went shopping and I came home with 3 things for my dolls, and fabric from Joann's to make some doll clothes. It's a definite addiction.

    1. Good for you for resisting, Flo! They are so darn addicting. I don't even go to fabric craft stores that often, lol...I could buy everything in there! I have just started learning to sew and I can totally see how addicting fabric must be. Ah well...if it's not dolls/fabric, it would be clothes, shoes, it's all good. :)

  2. Hi Farrah! What a great doll haul, I love Gigi Grant and the others too :-). It does take a bit of planning to make time for the family and for blogging, I understand! Big hugs xxx

    1. Hi Linda, I love Gigi as well! Yes, it's funny...when I first started this blog, I envisioned being able to post about every other day...yeah right!! :) I'm glad to know there are other that understand. It's that overwhelming urge to constantly be taking photos and creating posts, but it's hard to have the time to complete something from start to finish that is difficult for me. I guess I am thankful, though for the time I DO have.
      Hugs back! xo

  3. Wow, quite a nice haul! It is probably a good thing that I am not into Monster High or the EAH dolls. Who know how many of those I would have! I get what you mean about not getting into the high end dolls like Fashion Royalty. Once you get hooked, it is hard not to want more! I am definitely a case in point on those. Same thing on the Ruruko and the Momoko dolls!

    1. Exactly, Phyllis! I almost bought a Fashion Royalty doll recently, but stopped myself for now. I love Jakman's blog so much and her dolls and sets have sparked my interest big time. Momoko dolls are really cute as well. For now, I've been into collecting more Barbie than I thought and have been enjoying that as well! Now I just have to work on giving them better bodies. :)

  4. This is a very cute haul. Some of them I have seen here but some are completely new to me. I hope you have as much fun in November.

  5. Another busy dolly month for you and the girls! I like the Cerise Hood girl and the Barbie doll, both are very pretty. Those little Care Bears are cute too, and the Little Ponies! I wish we had those sorts of bags here as those tinies would make great toys for my dolls!
    Another great haul!
    Hugs Sharon in Spain x

    1. Thanks, Sharon! They really are cute, aren't they? It is so odd that all of these toys I loved while growing up in the 80s are now the same characters my daughters love. Cerise Hood is probably my favorite of all the EAH gals. :)