Thursday, July 17, 2014


I don't know why, but I just love the idea of summer. 
Ahhh, my favorite season.
I must've lived in the tropics during a past life, because nothing makes me happier then a balmy breeze, the warm sun and blue skies.
I grew up in New York State (not the city...far from it, actually!), which is where my family and I still reside so we get a full range of seasons here.    
 The beginning of each season is always exciting, but summer is the one time of year that I love every single day and am always sad to see it go.

Fancy male cardinal posing for his photo shoot :)

Huge delish ruby-red strawberries Pumpkin Pie and I picked at a local farm near us.  

 One of my biggest pleasures is waking up and sitting outside in the sun with my coffee.. the Littles are still sleeping...hubby is puttering around the house and it's this quiet time that is so elusive (and appreciated!)

Outdoor painting is always such a treat. favorite flowers!

Beautiful rock garden at my mom's in love with that purple thyme!

There is only a short time out of the whole year where it's cozy and warm so early in the AM and it makes me take a deep breath and feel like I am enjoying that particular present moment...something that I strive to do more of each day.

Current WIP crochet blanket...this will be Little Button's "Frozen-inspired" Anna blanket...more about that later!

        Millions of these guys all along the shore of the pond.  Super cute!

Three baby ducks at my mom's pond.  One night, during a particularly bad rainstorm, these little ones seem to have been left behind. 
Growing every day and so quickly...even as little squeaks they seem to stick together and survive.   
Even cuter than the tadpoles.  

Pumpkin Pie, Little Button (lugging along her pistacio pudding) and me (bunion and all!) :}...enjoying our after dinner stroll along our own little nature trail..happy for the long stretch of evening sun, happy for each other and happy for summer!

Each season has it's moments, but I can say that summer is just my absolute favorite time of year. 

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